The 100 Squats Per Day to Fight Cancer Challenge Progress - 1 more day to go and Checking on Strava

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29 November 2023 now, it's just one day left before November ends... It's pretty sad that Our Squat Cult will end however I am quite happy today because finally I could breach 100 squats per day today. I think for the first time @mrmiyagi will be happy that his student finally able to complete the task.

The Update

100 squat 29 nov.jpg

I am quite forcing myself today and finally a few hours ago I managed to achieve the daily target. These are the breakdown of my squats today:

  1. 4 x 8 squats every morning after I am awake (32 squats)
  2. 2 x 8 squats in the noon before taking any lunch (16 squats)
  3. 2 x 8 squats on 15:00 during my break (16 squats)
  4. 5 x 8 squats in the evening, at 19:30 my local time before taking a shower (40 squats)

You might think if this is easy why don't I force myself yesterday or in the past... Well this is far from easy. The last 3 repetitions were a bit messed up, because I did not do all in good form or correct technique.

Right now my waist is a bit hurt and I feel strain on my back. This is not a good sign for me, usually people get this if they do not perform the movement properly or let say in a wrong way.

In my case, I believe some of my forms were not right however this should not give this feeling of hurt and strain. I am more concern that my core muscle is not as good as before... regarding I have not done any exercise since early 2020 when Covid 19 stroke us.

Let see tomorrow... I hope all will be well and I can hit 100 again for the last time.

Preparation For The Next One

As some of you might not have noticed this, currently there are two exercise or workout projects in Hive. The first one is Actifit, I already use that before and I believe most of you already notice it.

The second one is an older version of app that I used years ago and I just notice it recently, it is @strava2hive. I do not wish to compare these two to show which one is better because I like both and I believe both should supported and more good projects in Hive means that our blockchain will grow too.

Strava comes with different measurement with Actifit. If Actifit counts your steps, Strava counts your calories burn. And they have the leaderboard which give HBD to the people who burn a lot of calories. I like this format because it put them as a differentiative from Actifit, instead of trying to be similar and have an arm wrest against each other.

Another Strava Account is @exhaust and they have this community You can visit that account first and see what they have been doing recently. Then you can get their apps if you find it interesting.

Ofcourse Actifit which is older d.apps and has DHF support definitely will be better in term of backend, frontend, and OCD curation support. However none knows, because everybody has different preferences... maybe you are better suited with the Strava.


Thank you for reading this post, and don't forget to check out @mrmiyagi and @lut-studio for further information about the challenge, they are doing it on the right path. Ok that's for today, see you next time



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