The 100 Squats Per Day to Fight Cancer Challenge Progress - 2 days to go

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Here we are at 28 November 2023, 2 days left before November ends... and so this challenge will end to. This is my 4th update, and I do not think this is my last one. I will update tomorrow and the last day too.

It's pretty sad thata Our Squat Cult will end too, this could mean that I will no be absence for a while from Free Compliments community. I do not know if @mrmiyagi , our squat cultist leader, will keep this culd or not. However I think the cult has done well in reminding people to fight cancer.


The Update

100 squat 28 nov.jpg

I should have hit 100 squats per day however my health dropped a lot yesterday. Before I have managed to get 80 squats per day with these breakdown:

  1. 4 x 8 squats every morning after I am awake
  2. 2 x 8 squats in the noon before taking any lunch
  3. 4 x 8 squats in the evening, before bed time or before taking a shower.

However yesterday I got allergic after cleaning up the house. Yes I am sensitive to dust and small particulate. I used to have asthma when I was younger. Luckily it had not come back again for the last two decades.

Today I got 40 squats, all came from tonight which I just did 5x8 squats a few minutes ago. I think I could do 100 tomorrow, well if I have some repetition set do not run with proper form... I guess it should be ok for the last 100.

Let see tomorrow


Visiting My Old Man House

I visited My father house last weekend, it's been a while since I came there. I really do not like being there because it's far from where my parent live. I know it's quite confusing, but my father has two houses, one is where we live and another one is a garden house far away in rural area.


I do not want to talk about the house, well not now, because I am still upset because of my allergic. I know I am sensitive to dust but I can't let my elderly parent to do that cleaning. So let's talk about the outside, the garden. The three I have planted years ago seems to have grow tall and big, and it has some ripening fruits.


Can you guess what fruit is it? It is very famous and it has strong smell... thanks to the strong smell, it gets banned in some airports and hotels because the smells can linger for days. Some people can not stand the smell, they get headache and puke from it.


This is Durain and it's called the King of Fruits. The fruits came from tropical area, especially from south east Asia. It is very nutritious, the taste is sweet and savory and there are many variants of it. The picture above is Monthong Durian, my brother planted it and the three is not what I have taken earlier.

Somehow the Monthong is small one, I do not know what's wrong. It should be big, juicy and sweet. I prefer the local Durian which has more savory taste, maybe next week I can get some of them because last weekend they weren't ready yet.

I do not like to buy Durian because they are expensive. I am just being stingy here.

The Goal Of My Squats Challenge

We have 2 days to go, tomorrow November 29th and November 30th. I hope I can hit both with 100 squats. I will update the day everyday.


And maybe later I will make some plan what to do after this event ends.


Thank you for reading this post, and don't forget to check out @mrmiyagi and @lut-studio for further information about the challenge, they are doing it on the right path. Ok that's for today, see you next time



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