Outlining the Benefits of Joining, Engaging, and Promoting the Growth of the FreeCompliments Community, with Emphasis on Quality: Rewards Using Hive Staked-Based Income (HSBI)!

A couple of months ago, we promised to find a way to provide benefits to those members who joined the FreeCompliments community early on. Now, we’ve figured out a sustainable way to do so: one which rewards early joining, continued membership, quality engagement, and promoting the growth of the community. It will also encourage the concept of mutual growth, in which the community and its members can help each other grow.


A couple of days ago, I wrote about the benefits of HSBI (Hive Stake-Based Income). In short, this provides a permanent source of income (based on the amount of Hive sent to @steembasicincome) to both the sponsor and the sponsee. It provides significant long-term benefits to those who continue on-chain activity over a period of years; the income you can collect can continue accruing for the lifetime of the blockchain.

Aside from curation via votes, HSBI will be the primary reward of choice that will be used by the FreeCompliments community, and the community account @hive-140084 will act as a sponsor. Based on the HSBI model, this will provide long-term benefits for both the community account and for its sponsees. This will also encourage new members of Hive to participate, as they’ll start seeing recurring rewards early on in their Hive career.

We have already begun giving out HSBI rewards to some of the most active members and most active/quality engagers.

How rewards will be distributed

We’ll have several categories of rewards available. The following model rewards members who joined early and continue to stay with us, as well as those who provide quality engagement, and use various methods of growing the FC community.

Time/Loyalty Based:

Approximately the 1st of every month (+/- a few days, maximum), all members pf the community will receive 1 HSBI unit. As this accumulates over time, it rewards the earliest members the most. As the community account’s funds increase, we may, over time, increase the monthly rewards, and may also give bonus rewards to the earliest joiners.

Engagement Based:

In addition to the vote-based curation and Ecency Point Boosts for those who add the community account as a beneficiary, everyone who creates an original post to the community will earn 1 HSBI Unit.

Everyone who leaves at least 10 comments on various posts will also earn 1 HSBI Unit (per 10 comments). All eligible comments must have some form of quality engagement (i.e. a little bit more engagement than “nice” or “thank you!”). Especially as the community grow, we will try our best to keep track of this, but for your own sake, also keep a tally and please send us a correction if we are inaccurate. Keep in mind that, as per our promise, all non-spam and legal comments receive our curation via votes, with increased votes for higher quality comments.

Everyone who creates at least 10 #freecompliments tags on Threads will also earn 1 HSBI Unit (per 10 tags), as well as the previously promised vote curation. Remember that the tags should come with actual compliments, and well-written compliments will receive significantly better curation than simple tags. Spam and illegal content won’t be counted. As with comments, we’ll do our best to keep track, but please also keep your own track of the number of tags you create for accuracy.

Quality engagement will receive additional rewards: members who create high-quality comments and posts will receive additional HSBI units.

Monthly contests with HSBI as rewards will also be introduced, and they will be based on quality engagement.

Growth/Promotion Based:

Growing the community is essential for it be a self-functioning, well-oiled machine. The more members we have, the better it will function. When someone needs help, there will be someone around to help if there are enough people. Thus, we will provide HSBI rewards for those who help bring in new members to the community. Whenever you bring a new member to the community, you’ll receive 2 HSBI Units.

Using HSBI in lieu of Ecency Boosts during Difficult Times

We try our best to honor our promise to Boost Posts that add this community account as a beneficiary. However, during times when Hive price goes down and voting power is limited, Ecency may be unable to provide a Boost. I’ve had a couple of misses this week due to this issue, and there has been one post on FC, thus far, which did not get a Boost due to this problem.

We have a solution! If your post is not Boosted, not only will we send you the Ecency points (typically 150) that we tried to use on your Boost, we’ll also send you 1 HSBI to make up for the missed Boost. This should be a very fair compromise to make up for the missed rewards you’d otherwise receive.

Non-posting members

There are some members who do not actively post or comment, but wish to remain members of the community. HSBI would not provide such members any significant benefits. Thus, we want to figure out a way to reward your loyalty as well. Occasional transfers of Hive and/or HBD are under consideration. Would this be a good replacement?

How will this all this HSBI be funded?

Fortunately, I’ve already begun the process of HSBI funding. With the creator’s blessing, I contributed about 11,000 HSBI units from this account to the community account. Pretty soon, the community account will start making Ecency Point-promoted posts for our themed days (Motivational Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Fun Fridays, and Selfie Saturdays), as well as for contests and some announcements, which will all earn rewards from HSBI units. Additionally, once the community account decreases its delegation to Ecency, it will delegate some Hive Power to other entities so that it could get vote curation on its posts, thus increasing its income over time.

The aforementioned rewards will help fund the HSBI rewards that members will receive. However, this takes some time, so how will we fund current HSBI rewards?

I’ll be doing this out of my own pocket. I will send Hive over to the FC community account, whenever required, and use that to send HSBI rewards. Fortunately, I have a fair amount of Hive available to do this, and the amount I’ll have to send from my own stash will decrease over time as the FC community account grows. This will become a self-sustaining, and eventually highly profitable, venture over time.


Keeping in line with the FreeCompliments community’s idea of spurring mutual growth, we’re using HSBI to encourage membership, engagement, and promotion of the community for growth.

50 Members!!!

We hit the 50 member mark today! Yay! Let’s keep it going.

What do you think? Are there any other types of rewards that you would suggest? Non-posting/non-commenting members, what other types of rewards would you like to see?

I would love to hear any and all opinions about these topics from everyone who is currently a member of FreeCompliments, since you’re all inaugural members! Anyone else who finds this page is also very welcome to voice their opinion. We’re all about free speech, and everyone’s experience has value.

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(If you were tagged, it’s because you’re an inaugural member – please let me know if you don’t want to be tagged and I’ll stop, pronto!)

More posts with further ideas incoming soon!

Disclaimer: FreeCompliments will be a beneficiary for this post, and I will attempt to boost it via Ecency points as well.

Here’s a permanent invite link to the FreeCompliments Discord!


Tag me! Keep tagging me! Awesome work! Wow. I'm.jist excited to see more.come.from your project. And if you need any more.points let me know we will be happy to donate some more. They are just adding up for us anyways!

Excellent work!

Absolutely! Any donations are always appreciated, but I'll never ask. It's probably that cultural ego of mine lol.

We'll keep expanding this thing. All I look forward to is more people and some fantastic, quality engagement. 💪

This sounds like an awesome idea, I’ve seen a few post about the free compliments community, nice to see it’s continued growth! We’d love to work with you through sloth.buzz, especially as you move forward with themed days. Perhaps we can figure some way to further benefit the communities! Maybe we could even add some !hugs

Thank you so much for finding and reading this post! 😊

Yes, I would love to collaborate in any way that you see fit. At this point, we're primarily using the Ecency interface due to the benefits of Ecency Point rewards, but I'm always happy to introduce more options. What did you have in mind?

Don’t tell anyone but I mainly use Ecency myself! Maybe we can work together on the daily topics/ posting ideas. Bring some buzz from the sloths into the mix! We’d happily allow users to post to the slothbuzz community for easier tracking (and the potential to earn some slothbuzz tokens).

Some posting topics are already set in place (Motivational Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Fun Fridays, Selfie Saturdays), but guess what - 3 days remaining for other topics. 😁

We can definitely collaborate to increase user visibility in both communities - how would you wish to do this?

Hi @freecompliments excited and looking forward to participating in the community. I will be getting familiar with it. Happy to be part of the inaugural members.
I invite my friend @almajandra to join the community and I'm sure she will.

Hi @marilour, nice to greet you. Thanks for the invitation. I already joined the community.

Thank you so much for joining! :)

A warm welcome to you, and I hope that you'll get a lot out of this burgeoning community.

Thank you very much for your welcome and your kind words. Glad to be here. Gratitude.

Thanks so much, Marilour! I'll keep a keen eye out. A warm welcome to all who wish to join. 😊

2 HSBI coming your way! Woohoo!

Thank you very much, gratified 😁 🎉 🎊

Many thanks for adding me as an inaugural member. I am not a frequent poster but I am always around. However this initiative is certainly an encouragement. I am looking forward to learning more and meeting everyone.

I would like to invite @nkemakonam89 and @funshee and @ifarmgirl @deirdyweirdy

Hello, @momogrow thank-you very much for tagging me. I'm going to read through it and see how I can participate.


A very warm welcome to you and thank you so much for joining us! I hope you find value in this burgeoning community. There's plenty to come. 😊

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Hey @momogrow , I really appreciate the tag...I will check what the post is all about

Thanks for coming here, and a very warm welcome to you even if you're just passing through. Have a great weekend! 😊

Many thanks for the warm welcome
I already read the post and it's a nice initiative. I hope to join the community

Thank you so much for being part of the group! Sending you some HSBI units pronto. 😊

Thank you for tagging me. I am glad that the community continues to add members and expand its activities. 🤗
Lots of !HUG ‘s.

Oh, and a
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Very glad to tag you and have you here! We're going to create something magical here. Just need the activity and we'll be changing lives, one at a time. 😊

!HUG (helps if I use the correct tag!)

The thought counts more than anything else, lol. 😁

Right back atcha:


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This is really an interesting thing to do especially to encourage members of the community ..I will really love to participate actively here,am happy to be part of the inaugural members

Thanks so much - am definitely looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us! I think, over time, we're going to have some of the best rewards available for quality content.

Very innovative idea. Let's make this community great

Thanks so kindly! I think it's a great usage of Hive's existing tools. Yes, let's keep it growing and full of activity.

Transferred 100 point ecency to you just to send some help with your project. Good luck 🤞 will be here with you!

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Thanks so kindly for that contribution! 😊

I transferred it over to the community account with the memo. I just sent you some HSBI units for your generosity.

I just sent you some HSBI units for your generosity.

Wow thank you so much, good luck with your community

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Thank you kindly. 😊

😄🌹 You're more than welcome @freecompliments. We wish you a nice day!

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This is really Amazing 🤩
You people went out of the blue after some time

Everything's been in development in the background. 😁

The innovations continue: we now have jobs for the community too!

Wow 😳
Amazing 🤩🤩

I come across the project during the leofinance campaign but unfortunately not able to participate much. The post explained well and love to be part of the project.

I'm glad that you were able to come across it again! Yes, please do feel free to join in any capacity that you can. All types of engagement (whether posts, comments, or threads) are excellent as long as we're all joining in on the goal of bringing each other joy. 😊

Right! I have joined your community! Let me see if I can help!

I do love HSBI after all! Hahahaha! That is an amazing incentive for anyone! Well done!



Thanks so much! 😊

Indeed there are many ways to earn HSBI but most importantly, you'll also be giving people joy by doing all of these different things. It's giving and earning!

Absolutely! And we all need a bit of positivity in our lives! You are doing a great job on Hive! Thank you!

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I'll tag you here as well since you just joined while I drafted this! 😊

Thank you, I am very interested in HSBI and just recently sponsored two people. It is motivating for many of us to have as much as possible non-zero reward for each contribution and to have someone to support us😊😊
I will read this post carefully this evening.

Yes, it definitely helps to see the effort paying off over time! I want to encourage new members to post more and higher quality content this way.

Thanks for providing these updates.

Gladly! There's plenty more to come as well. 😊

Gladly! There's plenty more to come as well. 😊

This is truly awesome to hear really.