Splinterlands Update - Guaranteed Rarity Draws Soon?

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Hello Splinterlands summoners! I was playing last night when the maintenance window popped. I wonder what this was about since there were no announcements on updates so I headed over to the discord channel.

Some were speculating that the maintenance will be about the implementation of rarity draws.


I'm excited for this update since I've not spent my Glint EOS rewards in anticipation for rarity draws. Bad news: The maintenance is not about that.

Good news: We can expect it next week!



There are still no details how much Glint it will cost for a rarity draw and which rarities will be available. I hope that we can already pull guaranteed legendaries.


Water is my favorite Splinter and I'm eagerly wishing to pull a Kulu Mastermind. This card with Weapons Training skill has excellent synergy with Baakjira who I often use as tank. It can also work well with Merdaali Guardian in certain rulesets.


Another card I would like to add to my team is Aves Sturgis for the Light Splinter. I plan to use him with Pelacor Conjurer and Evelyn Auvera.



I haven't been doing giveaways lately so here it is. The rules can be found here. Winner will be announced in two days.

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Thank you for your support and have fun playing Splinterlands!

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I am not excited for any change as the old system was much better than this, and they have also updated gaming panel which cost more resources and loads 3 times slower than previous version. The game is just a bad experience.

Any card pls.


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