Day 25 & 26 of the 100 Squats Per Day to Fight Cancer Challenge

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Seems I fell behind again! The weekend is always busy, so after doing my regular post I just didn't have time to make this one. Let's catch up now.

Saturday I only had time for 100, and Sunday I did the same. I am happy to notice that I can do about 50-60 for that first set without even feeling it and without the breath getting hard. That's a great change from the first week of the squat adventure.

For this last week, I'm going to try to push it higher and finish on a bang. We'll see how that goes!

That brings me to 2,765 for the month!

I'm doing this 100 Squats per day Challenge with @livinguktaiwan, @pardinus, and @xrayman to raise funds for Cancer Research. Read my challenge announcement here.

If anyone else wants to join, please do, and please mention it here! And if you want to donate, please donate here or send HIVE/HBD directly to @livinguktaiwan and she will convert it to fiat and donate it herself.

Almost all of us will have to deal with cancer in our lifetimes, either we will get it or someone we love will get it. 1 in 8 women will eventually get breast cancer. An astonishing 1 in 3 men will eventually get prostate cancer. There are many other cancers with similar scary high rates. If you are able, please consider donating or spreading the word of this fundraiser.

【This account is an avatar of @dbooster. I made it for a gag long ago but ended up not using it, so here I am using it now. In a way Mr Miyagi does make the perfect motivational figure for an exercise challenge, so it works.】


Only 4 days to go! I'll try to push myself a little bit these last days as well! !BEER

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For this last week, I'm going to try to push it higher and finish on a bang.

It's going to be the same motto on this side! Having the day off on Thursday, and being holiday on Friday, let's see what I can do till the end of the month!

Let's motivate each other, right?

Four more days... (dunno why everytime I write this I feel like I'm singing some Christmas song)

We're nearly there, we can do it!!!