I Love Mondays - Day 27 of the 100 Squats Per Day to Fight Cancer Challenge

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Jumping back up from the low weekend, I did 130 yesterday. Most people hate weekends. Hmm...or maybe that's just Garfield.


But I enjoy getting back into the swing of things. I mean I do love my family and would enjoy if the weekend was extended. I'd like to pause time so my kids stop aging too. But given that those things are impossible, I enjoy it for what it is. I mean, might as well be positive about things we can't change, eh?

Having a little more free time, I knocked out two sets of 50 each while at work. Then I did the last 30 before bed. I felt great yesterday!

That brings me to 2,895 for the month!

I'm doing this 100 Squats per day Challenge with @livinguktaiwan, @pardinus, and @xrayman to raise funds for Cancer Research. Read my challenge announcement here.

If anyone else wants to join, please do, and please mention it here! And if you want to donate, please donate here or send HIVE/HBD directly to @livinguktaiwan and she will convert it to fiat and donate it herself.

Almost all of us will have to deal with cancer in our lifetimes, either we will get it or someone we love will get it. 1 in 8 women will eventually get breast cancer. An astonishing 1 in 3 men will eventually get prostate cancer. There are many other cancers with similar scary high rates. If you are able, please consider donating or spreading the word of this fundraiser.

【This account is an avatar of @dbooster. I made it for a gag long ago but ended up not using it, so here I am using it now. In a way Mr Miyagi does make the perfect motivational figure for an exercise challenge, so it works.】


Having a little more free time, I knocked out two sets of 50 each while at work. Then I did the last 30 before bed. I felt great yesterday!

Hello, Monday lover!😂

I can see from your post that you're ready and full of energy for another week. As I was away from home all weekend, I didn't do my daily squats update, but I didn't stop doing them!

It's a pleasure to read your post and imagine how hard you're working! Like LUT, you do sets of 50 reps... what a master! I do maximum sets of 40 to 45 (maximum) and more. But what counts is that in the end we're contributing to a much greater cause, and also to promoting our own health and well-being!


I hope you had a great weekend.

And thanks so much for continuing to do the squats challenge even though you've more than achieved the target.

Thank you so much, P.!

On the "last" day of the challenge, I'll explain why I continue to push further to do more squats then the goal of the challenge (: There is a "logical" explanation for it (:

I can imagine how great it is to sneak in that last 30 squants. We're nearly there!!


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