Finding Opportunities and importance of long term vision

I think the world is full of opportunities for the opportunity seekers. We can not always deny and say that we did not get the opportunity so we were left behind. Let us take a example of freecompliments community today to understand about opportunitites.

If you are reading this blog then probably you are my follower or a subscriber of a freecompliment community as my blogs still do not get that much exposure that everyone or majority of the people will read it.


At freecompliments you can write on topics that suits you and earn support from the coomunity accounts in the form of votes and HSBI rewards. If someone engages or makes thread they are rewarded HSBI based on some criteria as well.

There are many friends to whom i told about this community but they are not satisfied by the votes i get and they don't see 1 HSBI much for themself. I will simply say one word for them and i.e they are missing a opportunity to earn HSBI.

After one year hoping that i am still earning these HSBI's i will meet them and tell that i have more than 365 HSBI. 1 HSBI cost 1 hive and that means in bull run 1 HSBI can cost as high as 3 dollars as well.

They are all busy complaining about not getting an opportunity but they really don't understand what a opportunity looks like and how we need to work for it.

I got to know about freecompliments via a friend and i have also seen some threads related to #freecompliments so that was how i reached here. The second thing is what i call important.


I made a long term vision because i am not a person who want to achieve something in one day. I explore things and also see how it will gonna look like after a year and so.

The day you learn about how things are not achieved in a day you will learn why freecompliments is one of the best communities and opportunity on hive. They are not only rewarding but also reading our blogs and replying to it.

I am very much happy to meet this community and i really like the people running it. I am saying that because i have never seen a consistent interaction on my blogs before but here i see that happening daily.

I will save this blog for future and share it with people who ignored this community now.

Thank You and Happy trading everyone.



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The individual contribution of each 1 HSBI to the upvotes you receive is pretty minimal... maybe a few cents a year. But they do add up! And as you pointed out, those vote values are correlated to HIVE price... so if HIVE goes up, the value of the votes you receive will go up too!

You got the point.

A person earning 365 HSBI a years assuming that the person earns 1 HSBi daily means that he has made a investment of 365 hive in one year.

365 hive can be worth $100-$1000 based on the price so that's why i call it a long term secure plan that people can collect slowly and slowly.

Thanks for stopping by.

For your support of the FreeCompliments Community, and in particular pointing out the human interaction component enjoy our curation, 3 HSBI, and a 7 day promotion! 😊

That really means alot to me. Thanks for the 7 day promotion hopefully this will help the community as well as my personal blog.

This is, indeed, the difficulty of starting up a new community with one's own funds! However, the growth is just about to begin. You've entered at a fantastic time, where you'll be reaping the long-term benefits potentially for years to come. In a couple of years' time, people will be asking "why didn't I join sooner?!"

Not to mention, thank you for pointing out the human interaction. This is so essential in a community - it's exactly what creates a community!

Keep making efforts to onboard people - it's not only rewarded, but genuinely appreciated. The biggest phase of growth is deep asleep and has yet to be seen. 😁

In a couple of years' time, people will be asking "why didn't I join sooner?!"

Exactly, that will be happening for sure.

Not to mention, thank you for pointing out the human interaction. This is so essential in a community - it's exactly what creates a community!

I tried my best to create content that will bring some interaction to the community and i am glad you noticed that.


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