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The day has come to announce the start of the biggest WEB3 music competition in crypto powered by Hive. Vibes was created as the "spiritual successor" to one of the most successful music projects in crypto that ran for many years.
We are in contact with a number of the old judges and hope to see their return.

What is VIBES? 🎵

Vibes is a web3 music competition with weekly prizes with the goal of reinvigorating the music community on the Hive blockchain and offering a place for all musicians to gather.
Every week a cash prize will be distributed to competitors and the community voters. Over time our hope is that everyone in the crypto music community will find entering the weekly competition as sort of a weekly ritual. The social focus of the Hive blockchain allows for this perfectly. (4).gif

Who are we looking for? 👓

Anyone and everyone! Do you play an instrument? Can you sing to a background track? Are you in a band? Do you do covers only or original music? Maybe parody songs are your cup of tea. Did your grandma sing you to sleep when you were a child?
We want her here too!

Anyone that can film themselves playing music with their phone/camera is eligible.
Recording on a mic and editing audio afterwards is permitted as well.

Prizes: 💸

1st: 800 USD and the soon to be coveted Vibes weekly trophy!
2nd: 400 USD
3rd: 200 USD
4th-6th place: 100 USD

  • ADDITIONAL: Potentially thousands of dollars worth of Hive upvotes!

All payouts will happen in native stablecoin HBD (1:1 USD) that can be traded on internal market for Hive. Hive is listed on major exchanges like Binance.
Weekly rewards are subject to change over time.

How does it work (Musicians)? 🎼

Its very simple. You will upload a video to X (Twitter) audibly saying:

"Vibes Web3 music competition week 1"

and then make beautiful music. You can record yourself on your phone. You will write a few words and add the hashtags #Hive #Vibes in your tweet and copy the link to that tweet. You will then paste the link into a post on with the title of your song, week of participation, and a few words about yourself and the song itself. That is it!



Screenshot (1010).png

It needs to be noted that all performances need to be recorded specifically for this competition. No using of old videos.

Also to note that the more effort you put in when writing about your submission in the submission post the higher the chance of receiving Hive upvotes 👍🤑.

PLEASE READ THE RULES SECTION on the website before submission.

If you dont have a X blue checkmark and your video is longer than 2:20 you can use or youtube/vimeo to upload your video to X (twitter) and post the X (twitter) link to

How does it work (Community)? 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦


When does it all start? 📅

Our launch date is set for 19th February (Monday) but it can be subject to change considering we require a certain number of participants to commence the competition.
Once this article is live you can already start submitting your entries and they will be counted for week 1 regardless of any date shift.
For following competition weeks we will have another update post but if there is enough interest you can expect Vibes to run week after week once everything is set in motion. This first month is a sort of "pilot month" after which it will be determined if there is enough interest for this to continue indefinitely. The question being: Is this something musicians want to exist?

  • Please follow this link to a GOOGLE FORM where you will submit your Twitter (X) account name. We will then send you codes for a number of free Hive accounts for yourself and your community that you need to access Vibes, so please keep your DMs open.

How to setup your Hive account? 🔑

Screenshot (1006).png

  1. Input the code we sent you here and choose your account name:
    (Your account name is your wallet address on Hive. Unlike on other chains where its a string of 42+ characters)
  2. You will receive a text document with your passwords. Save the document in a safe place.
  3. Go to and login using posting key and your chosen account name.
  4. Browse, post, comment.

For the time being all updates will be provided by competition founders @lordbutterfly on Hive and on X (Twitter) by and
So make sure to drop a follow.

Disclaimer: As with anything there is a failure scenario to consider. We reserve the right to cancel the competition at any moment if this fails to attract a respectable number of new users to Hive. We will do our best not to allow that to happen but we would also like your help as musicians, if you want this to exist, continue and grow, to help spread the word.

All promo materials created by @doze

There are 2 pages

We need to promote the shit out of this. Let's make it happen.

We have more than 2 weeks till start of judging. Plenty of time.

We have a number of things planned for next week and are actively looking for participants. Any help is appreciated.

This is beautiful.
We all have waited for this beautiful day to come 🙏

I have several musician friends, who I'm sure want to participate, it's just that several of them don't have a Hive account, although I will share this wonderful project with them. =)

DM me on discord or twitter. Ill send you a few codes and how to signup. just let me know how many you need.

Oh for sure, this is a huge opportunity to show the entire web3 music ecosystem what the Hive community is all about

Let's fucking goooo! Now THIS IS AN AMAZING NEWS!

it's time to come back to the music haha!

Absolutely! We are always looking for musicians. we are hoping this spreads far and wide.

Sharing on my pers9nal and calling for participants on Web3 Metal too.

Count with me not just as a music performer but also to spread the voice in the spanish community to bring a lot of talented musicians from there, we'll make history!

Thanks for all the effort and passion for music and Hive!!

Thats great. :)

Looking forward to seeing you guys here.

What is a blue checkmark ? Does that mean a verified account?

Yes, that means a verified Twitter account. Verified twitter accounts allow unlimited lenght uploads.

I like it, interesting and very pleasant ,I don't have many followers, but I will make you visible
I wish you a happy day

Oh. That could be something for @andyjaypowell :-)

Wow, this is absolutely what I've always thought music on hive should be like. This is totally impressive!

For my question, does this mean that for one to participate, we have to share our songs on X first and then it's the link to the tweet that we share on hive

Also how can one share a video from threespeaks or YouTube to X?

For your music yes. It needs to be uploaded to Twitter (X) and link shared here in post. We prefer you upload the video to Twitter directly. Only if it is longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds would something else be ok if you dont own a blue checkmark.
To share it on X you just copy the link into the tweet.

You can even win something simply for voting for others in the Dpoll poll we will have ready 5 days into the first week.

Okay, that's great! Thank you for the explanation.

Also, if I read correctly, the contest can start even from today right? Like any entry that follows the guidelines is valid even as from today right?

Yes. For the first week submissions can already be made. After week 1 they will follow a weekly by week submission schedule.

Okay, that's taken ✅

We will not just campaign this but we will as well sign, expect some ugly voice 😉 like mine.

Really want to listen to some lofi

All genres welcome. :)

This is a great and lovely initiative that will help the music community and all hivers in general.

This is exciting. I am very happy to see these contests. I sign up with my trumpet.

Ooh that makes sense then
Is there any day for the beginning of each weekly contest and the last day for it?

The first day will be counted from 19th Feb. It lasts a week. But for now we wont be strict with the rules.

Wow..This is a good initiative of the Vibes web 3 music competition for the new emerging singers.
That's great.

Wow! This is so amazing and it will help bring more people to the hive. I will love to join in.

This is so full of vibes 🥳
I pray this goes as far as it can, it's a good opportunity for musicians on Hive to showcase what they are good at.

I also hope it continues to exist, looking forward to sharing an entry.

Is there account we can delegate to, 2 support the prize pool in a small way?

Not right now. There are future plans that will include a lot of things if this takes off. Prizes are set, we got that covered. Right now we need musicians.

Good luck to the participants!

oh! excelente. a participar. A difundir toso esto y a crecer. 😊

This is amazing and full of vibes.
I'm in already, can't wait to submit my entry.
Thanks for this great opportunity.

Saludos @lordbutterfly,
Un caluroso aplausos a la C/ Vibes.
Felicidades tengan cada músicos/as por el Concurso Musical de Web3 patrocinador por VIBES, importante es participar y ver como las personas sienten VALORADO su arte. ¡Muchos Éxitos!

Greetings @lordbutterfly,
A warm round of applause to C/ Vibes.
Congratulations to every musician for the Web3 Music Competition sponsored by VIBES, the important thing is to participate and see how people feel VALUED their art. Best wishes!

I'm in like shin!

The submissions will be open for 3 weeks and you can already drop your video. :)

Cool! I'd like to write and record something original and do my best to make it catchy to kick this off on a high note 🎶 (pun intended). You'll see my entry soon.

Awesome. Just make sure to watch the example post and example twitter video. Once the first few people start uploading it will go much faster as people work best from example of others.

This is exciting. I am not a musician but I will bring in my niece.

If she doesnt have a Hive account, we provide free ones.

Omg this is so amazing


Btw, i wanted to ask about the posting, i am a little confused, i have to post it on X and then share the link here in Hive as a normal post, but if its longer than 2min 20seg, i couldn't do that?

Absolutely blown away by the quality and vibe of the music on Hive! This is precisely the kind of energy I envisioned for the Hive music scene—truly impressive!
Looking forward to more incredible music contributions from you and others in the community! 🎶✨

Subscribing to this community on Peakd is the same as visiting that vibes site?


That explains how I became a "member" before visiting the site. Sorry. I'm new.

I'll reserve some voting power and support some of the entrants I enjoy. Hopefully some quality acts show up but more importantly, I hope people pay attention to the performances.

Good work dude.


Yeah, still need to get new folks here, hopefully this catches on. Me and the wife will be going on spaces and into music groups to spread the word. Got a certain number of new users we need to hit.

Awesomeeeee rock rock @nonameslefttouse <3

Que genialidad que me alegra el corazón y el día. Muy pronto participare por aquí. por ahora a disfrutar de los talentos musicales que ofrecen ustedes. Asombroso!! 🤘😊

What genius that makes my heart and day happy. I will participate here very soon. for now to enjoy the musical talents that you offer. Amazing!! 🤘😊


Thanks a bunch for your time! ❤️ Sending loads of love to the amazing VIBES community. 🌟

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Very interesting contest will read it thoroughly and thank you very much for mentioning me in the publication, I hope to have your support 😊 greetings

It is the responsibility of all of us to promote this platform worldwide and you are doing it very well.

Nice one💯

Oh mine! I love this vibes. Hehe! Me reading this and challenging myself that I can actually sing😅

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I have a question, please must the song be an original song we composed ourselves or can it be any old song of our choice.
Am a bit confused 🤔.

Wow! This is amazing I'm sure it will attract more people to Hive.
I saw a post already. Do we have to wait untill 19th before we can start posting or we can now

Hi, I'm sorry if I didn't understand everything, but I need to ask a question 😅 Musicians who are already part of Hive do not have to fill out the form, right?

They should just share their video on X and then make a post that includes the X link, right?

Yep. Thats how it works. :)
Dont forget to post in the Vibes community.

Wonderful, I just subscribed, thank you very much for the explanation 😘

This is exciting!

Wow I just got this information now, I will present my own ooo

Wow I just got this information now, I will present my own ooo

This is an excellent idea, and a very good strategy to attract the public outside of Hive... God bless this project ♥

A contest is an incredible incentive for the musical community that makes life in hive. It's a way to surpass ourselves and do our best with other hivers, plus the attractiveness of it is what I want to believe and it will attract the attention of those web2 fish that are on high tides. 🫡😎

yes, thanks! this is an actual motivation to share original tunes around, i will share some music here! whoop whoop!

Greetings, @lordbutterfly, first of all I congratulate you for this great initiative. An important question: May we participate with songs in any language or do they all have to be in English?

Excelente iniciativa!! Ya me animé a participar. ✨✨

Saludos a todos.

Hi, I'd like to know until when I can upload my video, I don't have a Twitter account, therefore I don't have followers, is there any problem regarding this?

Its fairly easy to make one. Doesnt matter right now that you dont have followers.

Thank you. c: Another question, does it have to be an uncut video or can I do it as a video clip and add several video cuts playing various instruments?

As long as its clearly visible it was made for this contest its fine.

INCREDIBLE, this is what I had always dreamed and hoped for ❤🙏

Que genial esta iniciativa, me voy a dedicar a promocionar esto, porque veo que es más importante atraer gente para obtener una aprobación de alto nivel de parte del ecosistema, les aplaudo de pie esta iniciativa, y les deseo todo lo mejor de este mundo.... "Buena vibra"

The music community here has always been incredible. Such diversity and talent explode in moments like these when great people come forward with fantastic ideas such as this to showcase these incredible sounds. Major Sky on this! Bless

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