🎵Vibes WEEK 2 Announcement // February 26 - March 2🎵

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The rewards for week 1 have gone out today. Congratulations to @attabotty for the first place!
Week 2 has already started.

Week 2 will run from 26th till 2nd of March 10 AM CET.

You will have 6 days to submit your entry for Week 2. All submission rules stay the same but instead of saying "Vibes Web3 music competition week 1" at the start of the video, you will say "Vibes Web3 music competition week 2".😎

Prizes: 💸

1st: 500 USD and the soon to be coveted Vibes weekly trophy!
2nd: 250 USD
3rd: 150 USD
4th-6th place: 50 USD
Community Voting: 300 USD

ADDITIONAL: Potentially thousands of dollars worth of Hive upvotes!
All payouts will happen in native stablecoin HBD (1:1 USD) that can be traded on internal market for Hive. Hive is listed on major exchanges like Binance.
Weekly rewards are subject to change over time.


Community Voting:

The big change for Week 2 will be the introduction of the third judge.

  • We will provide a shortlist of 10 entries and the community will vote their favorite entry of the week on 3rd of March. Voting will happen through a poll on Hive. We will aim for a 24 hour window for voting but will extend it if needed.

The signup process for a Hive account for poll voting will not happen via account codes but will rather be simplified for larger numbers of people. Everything will be shared in a few days.

We are adjusting the rewards a bit to accommodate community voting.

  • Your fans, family, friends will be able to vote for your entry if you make the shortlist of the 10 submissions.
  • The third judge (community) will potentially have a disproportionally higher effect on the final outcome than any of the judges alone. 🙃
  • 10 voters will be chosen randomly and win 30 USD each.



Can I vote for myself?

  • Yes, you can vote for yourself if you want. But everyone will see. 😜

Can musicians that entered vote and win?

  • Yes, musicians can vote and win.

How will you avoid abuse?

  • We will require any voter that wants to be eligible to win the community prizes to quote the article with the poll from our official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/VibesWeb3) and add their Hive name in the quote. Any shady dealings will be rejected. 😘

DISCLAIMER: We are waiting on the @leofinance update to polls to implement this on Inleo. We are hoping they will be ready by the end of the week. Otherwise we will be using Twitter for the poll. Its not perfect but its a solution we have ready as a backup.

Join us.. Dont miss out.

With Vibes everyones a WINNER!

...and we mean literally everyone 😎


I'm ready to hear some good tunes! I just wish Hive had an application for people to add their music. I guess best option at the moment would be 3speak?

In any case I'll be watching it and dropping some votes!

Awesome! If this works out, and we did start quite strong (reach and onboarding always the goal) ill look into building something if this concept proves itself.

Hola boss... How can a friend not previously on hive join in

Yes. Thats why wer doing this. They just need to DM me on Twitter here.


I will help them signup.

Thank you. I've sent to two friends they'll contact you within the day

Very cool! @xlety, this is your chance!

This is amazing, thank you @lordbutterfly for this great initiative to help musicians, both vocally and otherwise.

I like this initiative, I have a doubt, the participations must be unpublished music? That is to say of own inspiration or you can participate with cover ?
Thank you very much for guiding me a little 🙂

covers are fine, they just have to be recorded for this weeks competition, no old recordings.

Thank you very much for guiding me. I will explore the community to know the contest rules.

Que emoción, no encuentro el momento exacto para tener mi segunda entrada a esta maravilla de competición, muchos éxitos a todos y muchas felicidades a la organización.

Saludos a todos los amigos. Esta es mi entrada al concurso de la semana2 en #vibes.


@lordbutterfly the post is not pinned, tomorrow it will be hard to find :)

Yeah.. I clicked pin but it didnt take the first time.

Congratulations to all the winners 🥳🎆🥰

Thank you @lordbutterfly and team for this wonderful community and competition. Week 1 was great which I'm glad to have participated and congratulations to all the winners.

Here is my entry for week 2:

This is really cool!

Many many congratulations to the winner.

Hi musicians, this is my entry to week 2!

Instantánea 1 (27-1-2024 2-51 p. m.).png


Saludos amigos ya activo para la segunda semana

Great work @lordbutterfly and the entire team organizing this
I see great things ahead
This is going to spur musicians to be at their best now

I thank the Vibes community, @lordbutterfly and all the people who have made this web3 project possible. May God bless us all.


Vibes Web 3 Music Competition Week 2 "Barlovento" Cover By @elioe
hace un día

(Esta es una publicación bilingüe, puedes ver la versión en castellano al final del post)

Hello community, I am very excited to be able to participate in this great contest and I thank @lordbutterfly that we instrumentalists also have the opportunity to participate

My name is Tibisay de Zapata, my username is @elioe. I am from Villa de Cura, Aragua state, Venezuela. The instrument that has caught my attention since I was a child has been the maracas. A high percentage of maracas players are gentlemen and I know it is unusual to see a lady playing maracas, but I will tell you that it is a beautiful and joyful instrument.


How are you dear musicians? here is the link to my participation in this week 2!



This is a very interesting and wonderful initiative, I'm going to explore this.

This is a very wonderful contest that everyone needs to participate,
It has been added to the @contestbox to enhance engagement.
Good luck to every participants

Thanks to the vibes community. This is the link to my entry


Vibes community administration is full of brains and music lovers @lordbutterfly you are doing really well for the music world. I appreciate your insight

How are you dear community? I hope excellent...

Here is the link of my participation in this week 2.



Saludos a todos, estoy muy contento de poder compartirles mi entrada en este grandioso concurso, espero que la disfruten, un abrazo para todos 🌟
listo para el concurso-Cover.jpg

Me parece excelente, estoy preparando un vídeo para participar

Good morning, I just found this publication, and I would like to join, but I can not find the rules to do so, would you be so kind to send me the link to the rules?

Thanks in advance!


Hello, this is my participation for this week I hope you like it


...the days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and these turned into years and her loved one does not return. After a long time, he comes back and... see the video and its unexpected ending for yourself.


Friend @lordbutterfly , here is my participation in week number 2. There was a mistake which I can no longer correct. There are two Vibes communities and I trusted myself resulting in an error. I posted my participation in the wrong community. It would be good to find a way to eliminate that community or inform of its existence so that other artists do not make the same mistake. I don't know if my entry is valid but I will understand that it was my fault. Thank you very much 🤟🏼


I am very happy participating in this week two of the Vibes contest, I hope you like it

Hi! Here is my participation for week 2:


~~~ embed:1763630483584295018?t=knT8_CJ9XTVdmFvWFV3zrg&s=09 twitter metadata:cm9zYW5hZV82fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL3Jvc2FuYWVfNi9zdGF0dXMvMTc2MzYzMDQ4MzU4NDI5NTAxOHw= ~~~

Hello friends, here is my first participation in this community, I hope you enjoy it.


~~~ embed:1763695902403830166?t=fAvdVOt257oAl7y6IyyWBQ&s=09 twitter metadata:bWFpdHQ4N3x8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9tYWl0dDg3L3N0YXR1cy8xNzYzNjk1OTAyNDAzODMwMTY2fA== ~~~

Saludos cordiales a todos!les presento mi entrada para la semana a 2:


Saludos cordiales a todos!les presento mi entrada para la semana a 2:


Saludos nuevamente...tuve que cruzar mi entrada. Mil disculpas. Aquí el enlace:


This bolero "Sombras" (Shadows) was the second album to be recorded by the great Cuban vocalist Blanca Rosa Gil, whose successful artistic career began in Venezuela when at the early age of 15 she sang professionally on a television program.


Hola queridos compañeros vibes. Aquí mi entrada https://hive.blog/hive-140169/@mairimmorales/xuscbwxvli espero sea de su agrado. Un gusto participar