Need for Speed Heat

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After spending an embarrassing amount of hours trying to beat Hades at heat 32 cause @howo had to mention that's where he's at, I decided to switch it up a bit now with a different heat; Need for Speed. Noticed this game on sale on Steam and have always been a fan of NFS from the very beginning, although more then than recently, so I thought why not. This also gave me a chance to try out my new controller I got for games like these on my new pc and have to say that's really one of the few games you want to have the smoothness of a joystick where a keyboard and mouse combo can't beat it.

I was having some issues with OBS when trying to record this game, it was making it difficult to record it on a smaller resolution and when I tried to record it in the res I was playing it at the encoder wasn't having it and giving me a black screen recording. Took me a while to figure out I had to switch to an encoder that supported that res but when I did my few seconds of testing I of course didn't realize the bitrate was horribly low because the quality looked decent when "nothing was moving about" in the menu screen. This led to horrible quality in my first recording which is the longest, and the main reason I decided to do another recording in the same day was to try and make up for it so you can see the quality of this game, albeit somewhat old now (release date end of 2019).

Anyway, here are the recordings, I decided to also lower the game volume in the second video as it turns out it was higher than expected which made my bad quality mic even harder to understand what I was saying. I don't post gaming content that often these days so hope you forgive my lack of preparedness, but I'll try improve on that front in the near future, hope the resolution won't make it too difficult to view!

PS! The automated live subtitles are horrible but makes it kind of funny for me when watching through the vids so Imma leave them on. :P

Thanks for watching, let me know what you think of Need for Speed! Haven't really followed it much in the last decade but definitely looking out for some newer racing games now that I have an xbox controller to enjoy them with, although mostly looking for some fighting games at the moment!


me not realizing u were recording:

Sucks OBS settings can't be "best" settings as default. I had to watch a lot of videos on how to set it up properly so I would have a nice quality lol


me when u came into the room

I still remember playing NFS 2 in a low con PC as a kid and then Most Wanted (the old version) became my favorite game.
When The Run came online, I was so keen to give it a try, but I couldn't as I didn't have a device that could keep up with that game so I just had to stop thinking about NFS after that.

Then after a long long time when I started to earn money and I bought my own PC (a good one), I gave The Run a try and I was so happy playing this game.

Heat was in my bucket list but I don't know why I never give it a try till now, maybe because I kind of took me away from racing genres.
BTW, I noticed wider screen in your gameplay. Does Heat offer such wider screen or is it because of the screen recorder?

I was having some issues with OBS when trying to record this game

I think this is not about OBS only as I've noticed issues in twitch-studio and with other recorders as well. But still I think Twitch-Studio is the best one to record game screens with a decent resolution.

Seems the game offers it automatically, I'd have trouble trying to black screen the sides in the settings so didn't even try much here since OBS was already giving me issues with other things.

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I see, so you did the right thing I guess as you never know when these screen recorder starts giving you more issues.

Although I think a different screen size ratio might give a better experience. So you might wanna try to fix it when you're not recording with OBS.

The very first nfs i played is need for speed underground. It was back then when i got introduced to a racing game where for the first time cops will be chasing complete with spike belts and a chopper hot on your trail.
Aside from the immensely improved graphics, i like how theyve added a story mode into it. One of the great franchises in the video game world.

You should try Unbound after this one, the online scene is quite lively and can be really fun when playing with friends.

Just a few months ago there was this sale on an EA racing bundle on Steam, a total of 6 games - Grid, Dirt, and the four latest NFS titles for just $15 or something. That surely was a steal, that's when I started playing Unbound. It was money well spent because Unbound alone still costs around $30.

Looked interesting but not a big fan of those cartoony effects, tho I guess maybe u can turn that off.

You can actually turn them off, but to be honest, those effects aren't even that "flashy". You won't even notice them most of the time.

What's nice about Unbound is that it's actually quite different when compared to the previous titles, at least when it comes to car mechanics, racing, and customizations. The online mode is what makes it fun. The mods are quite advanced, and there are tons of ways to make a car go fast. It's not just different classes of parts; weight comes into play, which helps with cornering, and different car builds for different tracks and tiers.

I've played Need For Speed all my life, starting with the first title back in the 90s. NFS 2 I've played the most, it was just something else. And compared to all the latest titles in the past decade or so, Unbound actually feels a bit "different"; in a good way of course,

WOW, so many memories with this video.

At the high school, my friend gifted me a hacked NFS Carbon, which was the first (I think) where I could pimp my ride.

He told me that with a lot of difficulties he could get to 50% of advancement in the game in one month.
The day after, I told him I reached 32% in one afternoon (and evening). He simply replied me: "That's why we all call you "Omnia", you dominate also in the games".

Lol. He was correct. I was quite good at school but also in these skills games I could spent whole months playing it and the game I enjoyed the most, was definitely Counter Strike Source, where with an Italian Clan we were also playing ESL

Dammit man makes me wanna fire up some of the old driving games and even play a little GTA with the new patches.

The last lap in the first race on the second video was a nail-biter. The mustang came from nowhere and was ahead half the lap.

Yeah lol, they make it quite exciting at times, wasn't sure if I needed to increase or decrease the difficulty from medium but will let it be for a while and check back later. :D

Been so long since I last heard about NFS!
Remember playing it back in the days when I own a PS3 😅

Nothing beats playing a game with a controller, it just makes the experience a whole lot better! 🤗

Oh wow, this takes me back. NFS was one of the few early racing games I played when I was younger. The other one was Gran Turismo. I really like the underground racing feel of NFS. The police chases are also fun. Thanks for sharing this, and letting me remember some awesome memories.

I never played Need for Speed, but I did have the original version of Test Drive on my PC back in the day. You had to run it from a 5.25" floppy disk and you only had five cars to choose from. But it had EGA graphics, so it was so money! :)

Hahahaha Noob, I can give you my settings if you want I should have the screenshot somewhere

I feel like I'm stuck in the past when it comes to games.... All of these new titles yet I have no craving to play them... Not like in the golden days of gaming 😂

Enjoy it bud!!!

Underground 2 is probably the last one I played. NFS was really my favorite game series ever. Did you find the nitro after all? I haven't watched the whole vlog...

I didn't get to play this one, but I'm from the time of the late NFS underground 2, this marked a generation and I played it a lot, despite not having finished it and so on, but it was the racing game I played the most and liked.

Greetings friend, first of all this game is the best, I remember playing it when I was in school and I spent hours and hours, since I always wanted to improve and have the best car to compete, in addition to the various game modes that this game brings, So this is a good choice of game and I am sure you will have fun, also a very good game and it shows that you have a lot of talent. I liked the video and it looks good and the subtitles give it a great touch and it's great that you found something to put them on. A true driver of this great car game.

I always find OBS temperamental. I used to stream on Twitch a couple of years ago and always had to tweak the settings.

Damn, this is such a good reminder that I should begin my gameplay on NFS Heat, lol! Bought it on an insane sale on Steam for collection and forgot about from the next day hahaha

One of the best things about NFS games is the music. The vibe is crazy good maan. I remember as a kid I was in love with NFS Underground and NFS Most Wanted. For racing I would say Most Wanted was dope, and for Drifting Underground was a king imo. I didn't play Heat or any newer versions tho but the old ones were really dope