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RE: Dev Update #1

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Wow that seems pretty interesting. Have not heard of GODOT but have recently threw down some sort of serious cash on a game development software on Steam called ClickTeam fusion.

It is what you would call visual programming but more likely suited for 2D games w some 3D aspects (perhaps isometric style games).

Oh and as for the Cheetah. They bot will trigger if you content is found elsewhere on web. Advise adding maybe a Hive exclusive blurb to introduce the content may function as a workaround.


Hey, Godot is an open-source game engine, check it out if you have some time I really like it (it is also on Steam for free). I also heard of clickteam fusion, but actually had not the chance to test it myself. And yes, the bot found my post over there ^^

Hey @freetimedev, would you mind verifying that and the Hive account are the same person and not someone stealing your content pretending to be you? A simple comment on moddb or from another one of your socials verifying this hive account is yours would be enough for us not to doubt you. Then we can easier trust you with curation in the future. :)

Sure, I made a blog post about Hive, you can find it here: