AquaShop - Stock Log #4 "The Clownfish"

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AquaShop - Stock Log #4 "The Clownfish"

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Hello and welcome back to The AquaShop Stock Log. 🐠

In this series we will be showcasing the different types of fish you might find in an aspiring fish shop!

take notes shop owners!

Starting with some of the more commonly found fish we will work our way up to the more sought after species of fish that only an experienced caretaker could handle.

The Clownfish


Clownfish (1).png

The Clownfish, or anemonefish, is a native of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They Spend most of their time nestled amongst anemones typically at the bottom of shallow seas in sheltered reefs or in shallow lagoons.

Anemonefish make up 43% of the global marine ornamental trade, and 25% of the global trade comes from fish bred in captivity, while the majority is captured from the wild.

These fish can be many different colours, depending on its species, including yellow, orange, red, and black. They are also a smaller fish, with the smallest around 7 to 8cm long and the longest 17cm long.

A match made in heaven

Clownfish survive in a mutually assistive symbiotic relationship with anemone. The anemone protect the clownfish from predators and provide food scraps. In return, the clownfish uses its bright colours to lure fish  into the anemone, where they are killed by the anemone’s poison and eaten. The clownfish also fertilises the anemone with its faeces. 

Beatboxing legends

Clownfish primary method of communication by making popping and clicking noises.

Poison Resistance +1

Though there are theories, it is actually not yet known how clownfish survive the anemone’s poison.

We will continue to show more information on these fish as time comes. More information can be read about these fish HERE.

That's all we have for today shop keeps! Keep an eye out early next month for our next post and expect to see more of these Stock logs soon!





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