eSports is Officially Dead in China

in Hive Gaming3 months ago


I have previously talked about how the Chinese Government has been limiting the hours kids get to play games and to some extent, I did agree with it as gaming is good for kids but a lot of gaming is not. At that point of time kids below 18 years of age were allowed 2 hours per day of gaming time which in a sense is not that huge but I feel like it was just right for the time but now things have taken a whole new turn which kind of signifies the death of eSports in China, and I am not saying this lightly.

China has been one of the leaders when it came to eSports with multiple Title Belts under their helm and when it came to certain Game Titles they were the best but now it seems the Chinese Government is not happy with their success in eSports so they are limiting all children below 18 years of age to play only 3 hours a week and let me tell you that 3 hours a week of gaming is not even enough for casual gaming let alone for eSports.

The age of 16 - 21 is the golden age for eSports and if you want to make it in the Big leagues you have to start practicing from your 15's and you need at least 5-6 hours of practice per day minimum to be able to compete with the best of the best. I know for sure that Professional eSports Players practice day in and day out to be at their best so how are China's eSports players going to compete with such limitations to them.

Now if you are from any other place then you might be a tad bit happy considering now the competition on eSports might be a little easier considering there will be a lot of vacant spots in different eSports teams as news of various Chinese people losing their contracts are already started to circulate. Some might find a way around it but in the bigger picture, this is definitely a huge blow to the Chinese eSports Industry.