dCrops Update - Reward Structure, Wiki and Airdropping 100 Alpha Packs

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dCrops is an upcoming farming simulation game on Hive. Read our announcement to learn more.

Reward Structure

A lot of people had questions about CROP tokens and how the rewards will work. We want to clarify that here.

A total of 500,000 CROP tokens will be allocated to the reward pool every season which lasts for 15 days. This number will decrease by 0.5% every season.

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To get a share of this reward, users will need to sell(burn) their harvested crops and they will receive a set number of points (which we are calling CROP shares) as you can see above. At the end of the season, CROP tokens will be distributed to the users based on their share relative to the total number of points during that season.

For example, Bob, Ross and Leonardo are the only players. Bob burned some crops and get 5 points, Ross got 10 points and Leonardo got 15 points.

So each of their share will be as follows:

Bob = 5/30 * 500,000 CROP = 83,000 CROP
Ross = 10/30 * 500,000 CROP = 166,666 CROP
Leonardo = 15/30 * 500,000 CROP = 250,000 CROP

CROP Token utility

You will be able to buy Packs and other items we plan to release in the shop using CROP tokens. Each pack will be priced at 2000 CROP at the least this means in case CROP tokens are worth less than $0.001 each, we will consider them to be $0.001 in our shop.

Moreover, this is a floor price, meaning, in case CROP tokens are worth more than $0.001 each, we will consider that to be the pack price. For example, if the price of CROP is at $0.002, each pack will only cost 1000 CROP tokens. This shall be valid for any other items we might sell with CROP. By doing this, we are hoping that there wont be a ceiling on the value that CROP tokens will be worth.



The wiki page is live and you can now see all the cards that will be available in the game. Hover over the "i" icon to view their properties.


The airdrop is over. Congratulations to those who got in. If you are just seeing this now, please join our discord for any future airdrops or giveaways we might host.

We have decided to Airdrop 100 ALPHA Packs to the first 100 people who join our discord and follow our instructions. As of writing this post, around 30 Packs have already been given away to our discord members so get in while supplies last.

Tasks to do to get the airdrop:

  1. Log in to our website www.dcrops.com with your hive account. This will register your account on our database. This step is crucial and we won't be able to credit your pack if you don't do so.
  2. Join our Discord
  3. Drop your hive username on in the #airdrop channel on our discord.

The airdrop will be on a first-come, first-serve basis so whoever completes the above tasks first will get the airdrop.

Upvoting or reblogging this post is not mandatory but it would help us immensely if you do so. Don't forget to follow us to stay updated with dCrops news.

Thank you everyone for all the support so far.

Only 3 days remain for the Pre-Sale to get your ALPHA packs at a whopping 50% discount and DOUBLE rates for EPIC and LEGENDARY cards.

Official links

Discord: Link

Website: www.dcrops.com


I am kind of curious about the harvest/seed refresh time lengths that you've chosen. Is this a game that you want people to check into daily, weekly, or monthly? I mean if I can spend money to reduce a time from 12 hours to 1 hour, I might do it. If I can spend money to reduce 2 weeks to 1 week, why bother? It just becomes something I look at once a month and I forget about it otherwise.

It's like with dcity. I spent 10-20 Hive to get started in it. Now it will probably take about a year before I earn enough to buy a new card. So I only check it once a month. With Rising Star and CBM, I have tabs for those games open all day, every day.

Hi, we wanted the game to be fairly idle and not be a huge time sink while keeping it fairly active. This is why we chose the refresh/harvest time lengths as they are.

You will have to check in every couple of days to harvest and sell(burn) your crops. The lengths differ with the crop and are dynamic enough to allow a playstyle of checking in every 2 days at the latest or as long as 10 days.

Sounds good! I'm looking forward to it!

where can ask assistance in this game? because when time i plant a seed on plot there was no seed appear.

You had me with the orange. !LUV

Fruits and veggies are healthy for you :p

Thank you for the luv.

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Interesting game, Thanks for the airdrop

Welcome to the dCrops family!

Good to see the game progressing and something new coming to hive.

Who is behind the game? It's always good to know the team that is building it and what their plans are.

This is just the beginning. Most of the initial game mechanics are already done and just need some testing so you will see new stuff coming out soon. We have a ton of stuff planned out which we will be gradually releasing.

We are a small team of 2 developers based out of Asia and that's as much as we can tell you about us. The view of cryptocurrency in our jurisdiction lies in a gray area which is why we are bound to protect our identities. In case it sounds sketchy, you may want to wait for the game to launch to judge whether you want to get involved as this project is a long-term thing.

Oh I can't wait! I've kind of got a thing for farming games.


This looks awesome!

Thank you so much!

Alright @dcrops I have logged in and joined the discord! I am excited this looks interesting. Do I just wait for the airdrop now?

Hi, the airdrop ended just hours after we posted this. Hope you got your free pack!

Alright @dcrops I have logged in and joined the discord! I am excited this looks interesting. Do I just wait for the airdrop now?

cool will give it a go for sure

Great! Thanks!

can't wait for this to go live :D