Is God of War Ragnarök the best game ever made? (relatively spoiler free)

God of War Ragnarök_20221201102859.jpg

Such an amazing experience


After just over 40 hours of game play? I have finally reached the end of God of War Ragnarök. This was a game I have been looking forward to for a while now and one that I really wanted to take my time with.

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The game came out almost a month ago, and some people rushed through the story to get to the end as fast as they could, but I wanted to savor the experience in this game. I really loved the 2018 God of War game, and when that game ended, it really felt like it was just beginning.

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It reminded me of when I saw the first Lord of the Rings movie in the theater. After nearly three hours in the theaters watching this movie, it ended right when Frodo's adventure was starting.

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I have never played a game that was as polished as this one was. I had zero issues with bugs or anything that would normally distract a player from the story. This is rare nowadays with studios rushing games out unfinished and expecting patches that come way too late to fix the issues. So to have a game release and be a full game without bugs or leaving you waiting for a DLC to continue the game months down the road is a nice breath of fresh air.

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The first thing you will notice when playing this game is the amazing graphics. The artists put more work into random things like doors than most games have for their main characters. Everything in this game is super detailed and it played perfectly on my PS5. I did have the game in performance mode the entire time I played, which played at 1080p and 60fps. The other mode you can play in is at 4k, but the frame rate suffers drastically, and pretty much makes the game unplayable for me. I hate playing anything at less than 60fps because it turns into a choppy mess. Especially games where timing is needed for the combat.

God of War Ragnarök_20221125094743.jpg

Speaking of combat. This game truly excels in that department. GoW has always been a brutal game with over the top gruesome animations and this game just seemed to add to that. Each weapon you use has its own death blow animations, from chopping the limbs off the enemies to flinging the enemies up in the air and slicing them in half before they land.

God of War Ragnarök_20221208104232.jpg

One thing I really liked in this one was that they really seemed to focus a lot on making the combat more challenging than the previous games. The combat reminds me a lot of the Souls games where dodging, parrying and timing are important for survival. Luckily the game doesn't punish you upon death like the Souls games do.

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The acting in the game is some of the best I have ever seen in games. Over the course of the game, you really feel like you have a deep connection with the main characters, which is pretty hard to do in games. Most of the time, I wouldn't care if characters die in games, but there is one death in this game that is brutal. After it happened, I had to stop playing for the rest of the day because it was such a loss and the writers did an amazing job having the other characters express their feelings about the loss of their friend.

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The newest God of War games have all been about the bond between Kratos and Atreus, and by the end of this one, it was really cool to see how the love between those two had grown. It is really hard to explain how great the writers did with the father/son dynamic of these two, but to see the growth by the end of the game was so cool.

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So coming back to the title of this post, Is God of War Ragnarök the best game ever made? Yes, I really think that this is going to go down as one of the greatest games ever made. And to me, it is the greatest game. I love the lore of Norse mythology and to see the different stories explained in this way was just so cool.

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Right now, I am going to have to take some time to figure out what I am going to play next. I haven't played anything other than this game for the past month. Luckily there is some end game content to explore. I saved some of the side quests for after I beat the game because towards the end of the game, I wanted to keep the flow going by just focusing on the main story.

God of War Ragnarök_20221208104944.jpg

Callisto Protocol looked like a really awesome game and I had even preordered it on Amazon, but their shipping date was showing a month and a half out, so I cancelled my preorder. Luckily Walmart didn't have any copies of the game when I went, so I had planned on waiting, but then the reviews started coming in and it isn't that good of a game and only about 8-10 hours in length, which after playing GoW, spending $75 on a game that is only like 10 hours seems like a waste to me, so I will most likely wait for a sale.

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I hope I have kept this post relatively spoiler free for everyone. This game truly is a masterpiece and I wasn't sure if anything could beat Elden Ring for my game of the year pick, but God of War Ragnarök is the superior game. The story is just so amazing. If you are on the fence with this game and have a PS5, it is definitely one that you need to play. The next big game I have high hopes for is Hogwarts Legacy. Hopefully they don't let us down with that one.


I'm really surprised that this is not the game of the year. The graphics are incredible, the story is incredible and man, from what I've seen, this game deserves it. I don't know. Of course Elden Ring was good, but whatever. Thanks for sharing it with us, man. I hope one day I can play this masterpiece.

I hope you can play it soon man. It is so good.

I'm seeing lot of positive reviews of this game. The GoW 2018 didn't show this much craze what this Ragnarok is showing but still I wish to start from GoW 2018 so that I get used to the character and the story.
Thanks for staring your thought.

I need to check out Callisto Protocol. And after seeing some screenshots of Hogwarts Legacy, I have high hope that they'll not let us down.

BTW, did you try Days Gone? I didn't look for any positive review for that one, I just started playing it. It's a zombie genre game and I'm fascinated seeing such a good graphics. You may want to give it a look/try if you haven't yet.

I played Days Gone a while ago. It was decent but got boring after a while.

I see. I haven't played for long and I kind of enjoyed till now, especially the graphics, the outdoor scenes amazed me the most.

 last year  

It must have been an unforgettable experience brother, I'm sure you will never forget having enjoyed every second of this game, from the screenshots I can see that you had very epic battles and the story must have been very juicy.

Oh wow! I'm not much of a gamer, but I'm an artist, and I'm blown away by these graphics! What a world to step into! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Looks like a phenomenal game!

This game has some of the best art I have ever seen in gaming. It is super cool.

Such an amazing game. 40 hours in game but how many days you took? I wish to know how much time you spent a day in this game.

And, did you try RDR2?

I only played for a couple hours a day and there were some days I didn't play at all. I wanted to have this game last a while.

Ya, I tried RDR2. It was cool at first, but there is so much to the game and no real direction. I lost interest pretty quickly.

 last year  

They seems to strike perfection with this one. Lately, I have been hearing a lot of positive news for the title. Trying so hard to avoid spoilers, it's getting harder each day...hehe

Any idea when this coming to PC?

I don't think it will be coming to pc any time soon. The last one took a few years before it released on PC.

 last year  

Not the best game. It is not open-world enough. But it is definitely one of the top 50 of all time.

I prefer a good story and game play over a vast open world.

it could be. YES! i didn't play it yet. but i thinks its best ever!

Hopefully you can play it sometime to get a real opinion of it.

Nice writeup. I'm looking forward to this launching on PC. Hopefully it gets ported in 2023. 👍

I'm part way through now, even the opening sequence was phenomenal. Fingers crossed for Hogwarts!

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The entire series of this game is great. I love playing, especially since one of the parts is available on PC. If you haven't played it yet, I recommend starting with the part that is available on PC. The price in this store is really great: