This game is insanity

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Such a fun game


I have been pretty excited for the game High on Life ever since I saw that it was announced. It is a game from the twisted mind of Justin Roiland, who is the co-creator of one of my favorite shows Rick and Morty. If you are familiar with Rick and Morty, you have some sort of idea what type of game High on Life is going to be, but I was not prepared for how crazy this game actually is.

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The game starts off pretty tame. You are just a normal teenager that likes to play videogames. Your parents go out of town and like any teenager, your older sister thinks this is the perfect time to throw a house party, so she tells you that you need to get off the video games and help her get some drugs and other stuff for the party. But when you go outside to head to the store, an alien invasion begins. During the alien invasion, you find an alien weapon on the ground that helps you defeat the invaders and then sets up a teleportation device in your home that teleports your home into outer space.

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After exploring the space city, you have to find this three eyed alien dude that teaches you to become a bounty hunter. You basically have to get the skills needed to be able to stop the aliens from invading Earth. It's a pretty simple premise for a game. But where this game shines is the insane dialogue and comedy. When you pick up your knife weapon, all it wants to do is stab the three eyed guy in the stomach.

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This game is pretty weird and one of the first things that you have to kill in the game is this little alien kid. Your gun won't let you shoot people, but this kid thinks he is the gatekeeper to get down in the slums and just pushes you every time you try and get past him, so you end up blasting him in the face. There is some pretty funny dialogue from your gun after you kill the kid and you even talk to the kid's mom once you get into the slums and she pretty much says that she will miss him a tiny bit and that it was a matter of time before someone killed him.

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I am just about an hour or so into the game and so far I am really enjoying it. The graphics are really cool and I like just walking around the city and looking at all the artwork. Games like this from the Rick and Morty team always have so many little things to explore and look at. Another thing I love about games from them is that you can walk up to groups of people and they are saying some of the weirdest shit. It really is like being inside of a Rick and Morty episode.

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If you are fans of Rick and Morty, you will most likely enjoy this game. It is very well done and has been getting a lot of praise for how good it is. From what I have heard, it is a pretty short game, coming in just around 8 hours, but I heard that you can make different decisions each time and some of the story can change, so that would be cool.

The game is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. I am not sure if it is on Playstation, but it is on PC. So far it is a lot of fun. I really enjoy this quick less serious games where you can just explore weird alien worlds. It is definitely a game that would be a lot of fun to play while high.


It's great to see the colorful world of Rick and Morty translated into this game. I love absurd games, everything is bright, people talk weird and we're adventuring around with our absurd gun. I think I'll wait for a discount to get this game, but I'll definitely get it.

I hope you are able to get it one day and play it. It's a wild ride.

Rick and Morty is one of my favorite shows as well! I'll definitely have to check this out! Also, if you are on Xbox you can add me if you like! GamerTag: The13Anarchist 🤘

I sent you a request. It will be cool to play some games together. Kleetus33 is my gamer tag on Xbox.

I added this to my steam wish list!
It looks a lot like Trover Saves the Universe (also by Justin Roiland) just a bit more polished.

I played Trover back in the day. This game is a lot better. I couldn't stand the weird controls in Trover, but the game was hilarious.

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HAHAHAHAHA a bit of a quirky big sister, I've seen her have a lot of pretty cool interactions with guns and more. The setting from what I've seen along with the graphics give it an awesome feel.

It really is a good game. I really enjoy these types of worlds.

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My buddy messaged me right away when he played this and told me about this! The humor seems right up my ally! Think I'll be getting gamepass for it!

It is worth the cost of Game Pass for sure. Have fun man, I think you will enjoy this game.

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the idea of the game is kind of crazy but when i read from the creator it all made sense, it looks like an entertaining game, it also has a very striking aesthetic, i think i'm going to add it to my christmas shopping list

I hope you enjoy it.

I was wondering about this game. Been looking for something fresh, fun and just crazy good times. This seems to be right up there and brings my hopes for gaming creativity back!

This game is definitely creative. It is all wacky and over the top fun.

I've thought this one looked so cool for many months now. Of course it's Xbox and not PlayStation.

Man, you would really enjoy this game too. It's right up your alley. Hopefully you can play it one day. It's a lot easier to get an xbox nowadays than it is to get a PS5.

If I had two consoles I would truly become overwhelmed by the size of the game library at my disposal. I've been playing the shit out of NFS Unbound here lately.

How is that game? I have been hearing mixed reviews on it. I will most likely wait until it drops in price before I try it out. It does look really cool.

It's actually amazing man. The customization is the best part and is basically the best of any NFS game. The anime graphics are not in your face and just add a slight bit of flair during certain instances. I am in love with the soundtrack and have even been listening to it some at the gym. The driving is arcadey as hell of course, but I love that shift. Drifting feels really good in this game.

I think one of the coolest but also most annoying parts is the whole risk/reward thing. Cops are ruthless in this game and they can take all of your cash from that night if you don't make it back to your safehouse in time to bank it. It's a really satisfying loop that keeps a car lover like me coming back for more daily.

I've already seen it for sale for only $40 at Target, it won't stay $70 for long.

da fuck! this looks insane and a lot of fun!
thanks for sharing!

It's funny the fact that the guns interact with you when you kill someone, reminds me a bit of "SKIPPY" talk gun from Cyberpunk haha; seems to be a game with which to distract yourself for a couple of hours; Thanks for sharing!

I still haven’t gone back and played Cyberpunk. Hopefully I do one day, but I don’t think I will be able to get past how shitty it played during launch.

I'm not familiar with Rick and Morty but this game looks fun for sure. I mean look at those weapons that has faces, lol.

You should really check out Rick and Morty, it is an amazing show.

Got it, thanks for the recommendation.

Heh, no one actually made any username checks out joke, I am disappointed.

Jokes aside, thanks for the post never knew such a game existed.

Not sure what you are talking about with the username joke

You know your username derangedvisions and that the game looks quite deranged.

emmmmmm, wtf?

I have seen a lot of videos of this game since it is what is shared the most on social networks, and despite the fact that it is not "the great shooter", the concept of shooter that they bring is different, besides that it is super hilarious and It has certain very specific things, the affection is noticeable xd