3 months ago  

The only AC I enjoyed 100% was Black flags which was the only one I had on my xbox 360 console, but it's great to know that the franchise is still alive, I was very close to play Valhalla but honestly I didn't like the style so much. I hope the mirage will be to my liking and I will try to play it. Seeing your reaction after the trailer ended I can tell you were very pleased with what you saw hahaha.

Same. I loved the first one but never got around to trying any other than Black Flag which was great. I did play Union for a few hours but that game was horrible.

Man, I loved Unity. I just really liked the story between Arno and Elise ( I know I'm a pussy). The only real AC game that I didn't like was AC3.

I really let my inner Geek show xD. My big problem with Valhalla was that it just seemed to big.

Mirage is supposed to be returning the game to its roots and be heavily focused on stealth, and it is doing away with the RPG elements.

With that being said Red will be the opposite. If I had to guess they're going to do a unity/rogue type of deal. I.E release one on previous gen on the other one on current gen.