Christmas Gaming Desire!

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We're 24 days away from Christmas as I write this post! Christmas is for everyone a bunch of different things.
It's a way to celebrate their religion, it's a way to be together with family, it's a way to have a good party.

But what I always associate with Christmas is one thing: Gaming!

I know, it sounds a bit silly, specially with me being catholic and everything, but almost every single Christmas of my life I've gotten at least a game or if I'm really lucky, a console.
I'm 22 years old now, things are very different - but my hobby hasn't changed in all those years.

Even if others don't gift me games anymore, that doesn't stop me from having child-like wishes and dreams... And well, I can pay for my own games now.

So, let's talk about our wishlists a little! What games do you want? Is there a system or maybe a PC part you're looking out for in the inevitable Christmas sales?

What I'll Likely Get


My "sister from another mother" has already promised me a $60 gift card for PSN, so I think I know what I'm going to be buying... If you know me, you already know (or you simply looked at the picture attached above lmao) what I'm getting.

I absolutely loved Yakuza 7/Like a Dragon and think the RPG gameplay style was very refreshing for the franchise, so I'm very excited to see how it'll play out.

It definitely feels like a good way to spend those $60 (if the game costs that much).
If for some reason the game costs more than that, then I'll be going with Like a Dragon: Gaiden which is slightly less.

You may be wondering why wouldn't I go with Gaiden first, since that takes place before Like a Dragon 8, well, it's simple: Gaiden is a short game, and it's also available on Gamepass.
If I ever feel like playing it I'll simply sub for a month of Gamepass and then I'll play it through Cloud Gaming, same thing I did with Ishin!

But now I wanna talk about the unreasonable, the unlikely, the expensive!

What I Really Want, the Ideal.


I've left no secret about how much I love the PS5 from just looking at videos and reviews online.
This console looks absolutely incredible, is plenty powerful (even if not as much as the Series X, I don't really mind) and has all the games I want to play.

I only recently got back into the Sony ecosystem with a PS4, and I'm loving the experience. I have tons of friends already on PSN so going away from Xbox Live doesn't feel too jarring.

There is one thing making it near impossible for me to get a PS5 though: The price.
It's way too expensive here. It costs over $700 USD.
I can't afford that, not with the freelance jobs I take, not with HIVE and my parents most certainly wouldn't be willing to gift it to me hahaha.

This is probably something I'll only be able to afford at the end of the generation, or if I somehow can find a decent job soon. Has to pay really well though, because my focus will be on marriage and moving out - gaming will be the least of my concerns with my future paychecks (unfortunately.)

I'm Happy Either Way


It's Christmas! It's time to have fun. My cousins will all be coming over and luckily I have two Dualshock controllers. We'll be having plenty of fun either way and when January rolls around and Like a Dragon 8 comes out, I'll be exploring Hawaii with Ichiban, Kiryu and their comrades.

I hope this Christmas can be good for you as well, even if you don't celebrate it, I hope the new year brings happiness and peace to everyone.
Let's all take this opportunity to relax a little, and next year let's work hard.

But do let me know, what's on your wishlist? What is the thing you want the most for Christmas?

Thanks for reading!



Ps5 is my last years wishlist but sadly my money is not enough to buy that one so I just bought a new phone. And for this year I wish I gonna build my own PC..

Over all wishing us to achieve our wish this year🤗

Ah, the anticipation of Christmas and gaming wishes! It's delightful how you've associated this season with the joy of gaming. Yakuza 7/Like a Dragon seems like a fantastic choice; the RPG style does add a refreshing twist to the franchise. Your excitement for exploring the world of gaming is contagious!

The PS5 is undoubtedly a marvel, although the price tag can indeed be quite intimidating. Your perspective on focusing more on significant life goals like marriage and moving out resonates deeply. It's heartwarming to hear your positive outlook and plans for a fun-filled Christmas with family.

As for my wishlist, there's a game or two I've been eyeing for a while now. But above all, I'm wishing for moments of togetherness and joy with loved ones this holiday season. Here's to a fantastic Christmas and a joyous New Year to you and your family!

Thank you for sharing your gaming journey and spreading the holiday cheer! 🎮🎄✨

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It's a great Christmas list, I want Santa Claus to bring me the new Mortal Kombat in Argentina. It costs about 70 USD and that is too expensive for a video game, and even if I had a job and could afford it, it would be very difficult for me to spend that much on a game. but it doesn't make me love it any less hahaha

Nice choice! I'd love to play the new Mortal Kombat as well, but I'm still finishing up Mortal Kombat 11 so I'll give it some time :p

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I just finished the story this week hahaha now I could move on to the next one but the new steam prices are crazy for my income

One of my best Christmas gaming memories was back when my best friend and I both got Madden 2002 for N64. He was all excited about it and with cartridge in-hand, he ran up the snowy hill to my house so that we could play it against each other on Christmas Day.. When he arrived, we found out that we both had been gifted the same game by our parents. That meant we could play the game at each others house anytime. My time was 50/50 gaming and playing outside as a kid. I feel like now it’s 100% gaming for a lot of kids.

I hope you get that PS5!

My best memory comes from Christmas 2007.

That was when my dad gifted me a PSone (the small model). My family used to be pretty poor so we were always behind on games and technology, but getting that PS1 felt absolutely magical.
It was such a huge step up from the SNES I had. I'll never forget all the time I spent playing games on that little thing, it did me good for a number of years.