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RE: Death is Inevitable -- a Fallout 4 playthrough, part one.

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Wow! Well, it certainly does look much nicer with the overlays. Is it just me or does the game have better atmospherics now. Like theres s haze in parts like concord?

Even the dog looks better. Impressive. Curious to see how stadium city and Valentine's storyline will look. I like anything with lots of lights. Also why I'd like to see nar shadda. On the new laptop too. Hopefully your character can get far enough without dying to make it to the stadium city place.

Hope you do another fallout post.


I have a very light ENB on -- I didn't want anything tooooo drastic, just wanted crisper, clearer colours and some contrast. This one is called "Decent ENB" and I think it lives up to its name.

There's also another mod I got called Vivid Weathers, which adds random storms (from rain, snow, to radiation) and varying fog levels, as well as some very nice sunsets and sunrises though I haven't had a chance to see those yet.

I've downloaded a lottttttt of texture packs to make the base game more pretty. All creatures, rocks, roads, trees, buildings, about 80% of the game is in high 4k resolution. You can see it really good on that Ghoul I screenshotted! 😁😄

I'm fully expecting to get blown to bits by a super mutant as I approach Diamond City. Here's hoping I can get further than that!

(Will be opening up swtor in a couple of weeks!! Nar Shadda will hopefully be glorious)