Death is Inevitable -- a Fallout 4 playthrough, part one.

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There's one thing I've been waiting a long time to do... play Fallout 4 again, and now that I have my new laptop, I can! 😄

It took me a while to get it up and running though. I downloaded it yesterday and it ran perfectly so I started getting my mods. Next thing I know the entire thing had died a swift and fiery death. I even deactivated all the mods and it still refused to work! Black screen and instant crashes, ahoy.

At a loss, I uninstalled and deleted everything... and last night I redownloaded it and tried again. This time using Mod Organiser instead of that horrible thing the Nexus has, it decided to work. So. Woo?

I am playing on Survival mode, with extra difficulty mods that brings forth more creatures and randomness into the wasteland. Playing a "Dead is Dead" challenge, so, when she dies, and she will, that's it! Sorry, my elderly son.

Onward! 😊


Let's begin this tale. The tale of a woman who awakens 210 years in the future after being frozen solid as the bombs fell. The tale most of us, if not all of us, already know. Now let's change it up a bit!

This is a woman who, though sad her husband has been killed and rightfully outraged that her baby son has been stolen, is damned excited to explore the world she left behind. Look at her. Standing there with a proud hand upon her fine hip, imagining the glorious tidings that await.

This is her new story.


Whatever she had been expecting as the lengthy elevator ascended ever upward, was certainly not this shambolic scene. You can almost see the disappointment on her face as she looks over what had once been her home.

Maybe there would be no glorious tidings, after all.


Tentatively approaching her old gated community, that was now without both gate and community, she hopped onto what looked suspiciously like the old fart down the street's prized rust bucket, which was now literally a rust bucket.

Her foot fell through the bonnet and she quickly pulled it out.

There was only one thing to do, she determined. It was time to clean up these streets. She needed a base of operations and this once idyllic cul-de-sac would have to be transformed. This was her town now.


After spending many painstaking hours demolishing already-demolished houses and the cars that had once belonged to them, night soon fell.

If there was one notable thing that had happened today, besides stumbling out of a vault 210 years in the future, it was this night sky. It had never been this beautiful.



After spending the night in her old schizophrenic neighbour's underground bunker, she awoke refreshed yet hungry. What was there to eat in this new sepia-coloured world? She wasn't going to touch those ancient cans of baked beans, God no. There had to be something else.

Stumbling out of New Kaelci-ville, she approached the service station that had been right outside of the community. They'd always had excellent doughnuts. It was unlikely that's what she would find today.

A dog came leaping over to her. Maybe she could eat that... it licked her hand. No, she could not eat that. It was her friend now. Suddenly, it growled, leapt to the left, and tore the head off a giant rodent then deposited the body at her feet.

"Well, I guess breakfast is served," she muttered.


Taking her newfound friend back home, she threw the rodent carcass inside a blazing bucket she'd lit before leaving that morning and waited for the furry thing to cook.

Perhaps she should've skinned it first.

It wasn't quite what she had in mind, but it would do. It was better than ancient baked beans, that was for sure. The dog also looked pretty happy that it was not he that would be breakfast.

She winked at the dog. Yet.


With her belly full of charred rodent, she and her trusty new friend set off for the local township of Concord. Maybe with all that had gone down over the past 210 years, she was the only human alive. That meant all the loots would be hers. Though that didn't explain the people who had shot her husband or kidnapped her son. Either way -- all the loots would be hers!

The dog growled. She prepared herself to have another rodent head discarded at her feet when what looked like a motherflippin' zombie jumped out of the long grass and tried to eat her face.

With lightning reflexes, she shot it in the face before it could eat hers. She was far too pretty to have her face eaten by zombies!


Shocked by the prospect of zombies, she tumbled down the hillside and landed flat on her face on the city streets, in the midst of what sounded like a grand battle. Bullets and laser-beams flew every which way!

Some guy in a building screamed for her to help him. Not quite knowing why she was bothering -- perhaps because the fugly woman with the mohawk suddenly whipped around and tried to shoot her in the very same face the zombie had recently tried to eat -- she quickly shot and murdered a bunch of people without knowing why exactly.


"Done," she shouted. "See ya."

"Wait," he shouted back. "There are more inside. We'll give you some power armour if you help us. You look like you could use it."

"Hell yes I can," she triumphantly shrieked. Power armour. Just what she had always wanted.


Ripping through Ye Olde Museum, she and her trusty newfound dog-friend tore through a score of fugly, dirty people, introduced herself to a bunch of sorry. depressed-looking people, waved farewell and pole-vaulted into some... very basic power armour.

It wasn't quite the magnificent armour from memory, but it would do.

Leaving many explosions and much fire in her wake, she forgot all about the cooped-up peasants and happily stomped back home, making the ground tremble with each and every step of her glory.

Until next time,

Thank you for stopping by! 😊



All screenshots are courtesy of me, @kaelci, and are from the game: Fallout 4


One of my favorite games. I need to put some time aside to finish it. I think I am about half way through.

Oh you definitely should! 😃

I have played a little bit since the Wastelander update. I really like what I have seen so far from it. I have been playing since shortly after Fallout 2 came out. This is probably my 3rd favorite of the series. Maybe 2nd now that they've updated it, but I'm not sure yet. Fallout 2, New Vegas, then 76.

I still need to give 76 a try -- going to sign up for the first $1 month of the Xbox PC game pass thing in a month or so and finally give it a go. Pretty sure it's on there anyway! 😀

I had only ever played Fallout 3 and New Vegas before this was released, and now 4 is definitely my favourite, of the ones I've tried anyway. Hoping 76 is better than I've been led to believe!

I've never played fallout series. Reading this made me interested though.

One question - does it have all those cutscenes or did you just describe your gameplay with your literary style!?

Fallout 4 is really good! It's not the favourite of a lot of people -- most people prefer Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, but I personally really enjoy it. Mods make it phenomenal, adding new enemies and so many more places to explore.

The post is just my gameplay and my literary commentary. As I play, I take random screenshots when interesting things are happening, then later on choose the best pictures and try to weave a little story around them. 😊

I have seen fallout fans ranting about New Vegas on and off internet. :P and fallout
3 is bit too old.
So Fallout 4 might not be a bad place to start.

I suspected as much! Excited for the upcoming gameplays. :)

Cheers! 😄

I'm excited to see how long I can last before her first (and only) death. I'm predicting a glorious death by a sneaky, bazooka-wielding creature... hopefully something grand and not just a, "Oh, and then she fell off a cliff." Haha!

Wow! Well, it certainly does look much nicer with the overlays. Is it just me or does the game have better atmospherics now. Like theres s haze in parts like concord?

Even the dog looks better. Impressive. Curious to see how stadium city and Valentine's storyline will look. I like anything with lots of lights. Also why I'd like to see nar shadda. On the new laptop too. Hopefully your character can get far enough without dying to make it to the stadium city place.

Hope you do another fallout post.

I have a very light ENB on -- I didn't want anything tooooo drastic, just wanted crisper, clearer colours and some contrast. This one is called "Decent ENB" and I think it lives up to its name.

There's also another mod I got called Vivid Weathers, which adds random storms (from rain, snow, to radiation) and varying fog levels, as well as some very nice sunsets and sunrises though I haven't had a chance to see those yet.

I've downloaded a lottttttt of texture packs to make the base game more pretty. All creatures, rocks, roads, trees, buildings, about 80% of the game is in high 4k resolution. You can see it really good on that Ghoul I screenshotted! 😁😄

I'm fully expecting to get blown to bits by a super mutant as I approach Diamond City. Here's hoping I can get further than that!

(Will be opening up swtor in a couple of weeks!! Nar Shadda will hopefully be glorious)

If eternal life exists, this is my love to the Fallout series.

Its a great game. But I dont try it yet. Will get soon.

Hope you like it if you get it! 😊

Fallout is insane!

Nice work, @kaelci.

This is one of those games I keep telling myself I will get around to playing. Looks fun.

😮 I am surprised you haven't played it yet!!! It is really fun 😄

My backlog keeps growing by the week. So many games to play so little time.