Best Video Game Memories Contest Winners!

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Such an awesome contest!

First off, we want to say thank you to all of those that participated in the contest. There were so many amazing entries that it was very hard to choose the top entries. So many posts received some great curation for the work that you all put in, so in a sense, we are all winners. But some of the posts shined above the rest of them and deserve some extra recognition.

Top Entry - @castleberry

Hive Gaming Community - MY Best Video Game Memories

This post stood out above the others because of the humor, relatability and overall nostalgia that I felt while reading it. It was full of so many great memories that so many of us were able to relate to. With nearly 100 comments on this post, it just shows how well received it was by the community as well. Thank you @castleberry for sharing these great memories with all of us.


Hive Gaming Community - Best Video Game Memories - Donkey Kong Country


Hive Gaming Community - Best Video Game Memories - A lifetime surrounded by video games


Hive Gaming Community - My Best Video Game Memories


Hive Gaming Community - My Best Video Game Memories

Well, there you have it, our favorite posts from this contest. Thank you all again for making this such a fun contest. We are in the process of coming up with some new ideas for another contest for the Hive Gaming Community.

Be sure to follow the @hivegc account to stay up to date with any contest announcements and to see the amazing posts in the community that we are curating. We are only as strong as our community, so let's continue to make Hive Gaming Community the best place to check out new gaming content on the blockchain.

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This was an amazing contest with an insane amount of participants. Great job to the team and curators and the amazing gaming community we have on Hive! Looking forward to the next one!

Wow! This was an absolute blast to take part in. I completely agree that we were all winners in the ability to find comradery in shared nostalgia. The participation was incredible and the goal to foster engagement was a great success. The memories that flooded in of good times and great games was an awesome thing to experience. Thank you to the Hive Gaming Community for this initiative. Mission Accomplished!

Congrats honey C!

Thanks Browski! I had to leave out so much for the sake of brevity i will probably be doing a sequel or two here soon. I don't expect them to be quite as successful but i know that the memories and sentiment will still have a similar effect!

Wow! Thank you @hivegc and @derangedvisions! This contest was awesome! There were a lot of great entries and I'm honored to have been one of the favorite posts.

Crazy, I really didn't expect to be among the featured publications. Thanks a lot for everything, thanks to this contest I could remember beautiful things from my childhood hahaha

I enjoyed reading every memory shared by everyone, it was one of the best contests I have ever participated in. Thank you for this contest, you made me travel to the past and get inspiration for new gaming content. Congratulations to all 🎮

Felicidades José, no me había fijado. 🤭🥳

Felicidades el #teamhive dando la cara ains! es que quedo B R U T A L

Gracias 😁, el #teamhive activo.

It may seem silly, but this contest made me remember things that were very hidden in my mind. I loved seeing so many participants with great posts, congratz!

What a great joy to be able to participate in this, I am sure that for the rest of the hivers it was also a cause of emotion to be able to tell their memories! A great initiative !! Gamers Assemble!!!

Congratulations to the winners!

This was a really fun contest. The concept itself was great and the entries were even better!

While I did not partake, the ammount of participation in this contest was mind boggling. It seemed like the majority of users partook. I was shocked to see many many entries the entire week. That's awesome!

I had a lot of fun doing the post and reading others entrys. Congrats to all !! Love this contest!!

0: Thanks for this contest was great!! Congratulations to all participants ñ.ñ

Excellent contest, I really enjoyed my participation, congratulations to the winners and to all those who socialized their experiences and memories.

See you later and may the successes continue !

this was awesome contest. Thanks HGC for it. Congratulations to top5 and participants for awesome posts. I'm waiting for more contests in future. GAME ON, HIVE ON!

Great contest!

Congrats to everyone (winners or not).

Awesome, congrats to the winners! ;D

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to the winners, excellent contest, it was really amazing to see the enormous participation of the gamer community, I hope in the future to continue repeating this type of event, a greeting to all.

Congratulations to all the winners, you made incredible publications, thanks for sharing such valuable information for all, and thanks to @hivegc for the contest and support.

Great contest and loved participating. Congrats to all the winners and we'll done to all the participants.

superb congratulation to winner

Congratulations to the winners. :)

Congratulations to the winners🎉🎉It was a nice game. Am looking forward to the next one🤘🤘

Congratulations to the winning posts, and thank you @hivegc for organizing this contest :)

Congrats to all winners, it was so much amazing contest to have a good time living again about what make us so much happy and still, @brataka dear friend Felicitaciones

Gracias bro<3

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