Our Favorite Hive Gaming Community "Selfie Contest" Posts

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So many awesome entries!!

Thank you everyone that participated in the Selfie Contest. We had some really great entries in it and had fun going through them and seeing the adventures that you all have been going on in the digital world.

Here are the top 4 entries that we found. Each of them will receive 25% of the beneficiary reward from this post once it pays out. Here are the top entries in no particular order:

My entry for the Hive Gaming Community Selfie Contest - featuring Lara Croft

Txmek made some Selfies for HGC Gaming Contest

My Entry In Hive Gaming Community Selfie Contest - Blades of Times Great And Wonderful Landscapes

A Day in the Life of a Huntress in Monster Hunter World - Selfie Contest - Hive Gaming Community

Thank you all for your participation in this contest. Our team will be brainstorming up another contest soon!


Some great winning posts, congrats everyone!

It was a fun contest boys! but whats on my head right now is this song
"Queen - We Are The Champions" why I am listening to this while reading this post lool.

Congrats everyone!

congratulations to the winners, they were great selfies.

I had a lot of fun participating and also enjoyed looking through many of the other participants.
Great idea on this one. More contests soon please 😁

Congratulations to all who participated. Enjoyed seeing so many selfies

La verdad muy interesante dicho concurso, saludos.

I’m mad I missed this one! This is pretty cool.

Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated, let's hope for more contests of this type.👾😊

This was a beautiful contest and amazing entries. Congrats winners.

Sharing the rewards from this post four ways is a great idea!

I waiting for the next contest! Next time i make very good post, this time it was not good enough :/

Congratulations for the Winners! :)

Congratulations to the Winners! :)