Steve, Krystal and Sharn play Baldur's Gate 3: Part 1

in Hive Gaming5 months ago

A worthy trio for a third game in the series.

Meet Moe the Rogue: played by Steve.
Arlo, a cleric, played by Krystal, and finally: Lolita, the halfing bard that likes to friendly fire and play the violin following these incidents.

Will we serve to be a dysfunctional party? Who knows. Will it be fun and entertaining?


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Would be fun to play this coop. I can imagine it being so frustrating and at the same time when people are making choices that affects you without you knowing.

people are making choices that affects you without you knowing.

If done realistically, then this should even improve the enjoyment of the game. I have not played Baldur's Gate 3 so far, and I have not watched a video about it so far either, so I currently do not know how the developers implemented this feature into the game.

Ultimately, the choice lies with the player who initiated the dialogue

Pretty easy when you're all in voice chat yelling at each other :D

This looks fun
I love it!

I cant wait to play more with these people!

Playing games is fun only when one plays together with other people as you mentioned all about it.