Stream Replay: Steve, Krystal and Sharn playing Baldur's Gate 3, Part 2

in Hive Gaming5 months ago

This is awful, with terrible cherries placed right on top. There's no salvation or goodness present in the motivations of any characters. This is chaos incarnate, and the way to end a stream with UTTER chaotic evil outcomes is the best idea my adventuring colleagues have ever had.

We made no progress in the plot during this 2.5 hour stream, and instead just meandered around killing things, failing to kill other things before they killed other things, and looting corpses with no discrimination to the former lives those corpses once led around.


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There was a 3? Now I’m trying to remember if I knew there was a 3 and if I played it. Aaargh 🤣

Released only recently.

Oh in which case not then.

I love looting games
This seem interesting
Nice one!

The trailer of this game is very interesting and the graphics are also. I will check it soon. Thanks for sharing.