Let's Do Something Crazy! TFT - League Of Legends

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Hello Hive Gaming followers, I know I said I'm taking a break from TFT, but I can't stop playing this game. This competitive spirit in me won't leave me alone. So I wanted to try some crazy things at low elo on the Turkey server to try to cure it. I played 6 Guardians, it sounded pretty strong, my items were very good, but the result was disappointing. Then my competitive spirit kicked in and I decided that even though I was going to try something crazy, I wanted to do it in accordance with the meta.


I started the game well. I chose the augment called Trade Sector because, as I said, I wanted to do something crazy and I could get stronger early on. I realized that I won the game in the screenshot you see now. Shi Oh Yu at level 5? This champion came at a time when I didn't know what to play, and this champion not only helped me know what to play, but also helped me get through the early stages very strong.

And this is another important moment. At level 6, I made Anivia 2 stars. The only sad thing for me here was that I didn't have a spare Karma. Without thinking, I switched items and sat back, knowing that it was going to be easy from now on. After her recent buffs she is a real monster, especially if your opponents don't know how to play against you!

I quickly leveled up to level 7 so I wouldn't lose any battles. I searched a bit but I couldn't find anything useful. Another reason I did this was to find Soraka. If I find Soraka early, I can destroy my opponents because I have over 100 health. Or if I find an early Bard, I can increase my odds a lot and make Shi Oh Yu 3 stars. I hope you understand me even though none of these options have materialized. I was able to beat an opponent with Ezreal 3 stars without any difficulty. Look at Anivia's damage!

I won 10 rounds in a row and lost to that mage. Man, that was really ridiculous and I was really unlucky. I wish I could show you that. It wasn't a big loss so I didn't mind.

This game is one more moment that shows how lucky I am. I got a Spatula from the last carousel and I needed another spatula to make it work. And I also needed a tear for my Anivia, to make the Archangel's Staff. I saw them both together on the first page without even looking for them and I really laughed. I also got a Cybernetic Uplink from Augment, which was very good for my Anivia.

This little dude used everything against me and thought he could win. I'm not going to lie, he was really strong, but I was stronger. I took him apart and yes, again, it wasn't even hard. Still, it scared me that Daeja hit me that hard. After all the whole lobby was playing skill power compositions and I had to think of something against it.

When I was trying to get to level 9, I came across this super strong opponent. Level 9, Ao Shin 2 stars, Bard, Sylas, Ornn... Oh my god his board was really great and the Ao Shin item was not bad either. I thought I was going to get destroyed!

I'm kidding! I destroyed him and sent him back to the lobby. Shi Oh Yu's damage isn't bad, huh?

This is the final version of my board. I know I didn't do anything super, I was aiming for Shi Oh Yu 3 stars or Soraka 3 stars, but still 9 Jade, 4 Mystic, Anivia 3 stars and Soraka 2 stars, I think it's a good board. It's a board that you can't always do. Anyway, let's not praise my board too much and move on to the battle.

I literally tore him apart hahaha. I'm not sure if even one of my champions died. It must be because his tanks are very weak, my champions seem to have hit less, but the important thing is to win and I did that more than enough.

For those who don't know the composition at all, I'll give a little information and then I'll conclude. You give the ability power items to Anivia, the tank items to Neeko and the attack damage items to Shi Oh Yu. That's all you need to do.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to ask anything you're curious about in the comments. I wish you all a good day!

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You have a great game-telling talent. The scene comes alive as you read. I think you should open a channel on YouTube. You are very talented. Good luck in the new game.

Harika bir oyun anlatma yeteneğin var. Okurken sahne canlanıyor. YouTube da bir kanal açmalısınız bence. Çok yeteneklisiniz. Yeni oyunda başarılar.

Thank you very much for your nice comment. I already had a youtube channel, but I couldn't catch the rise I expected. Then my exams intervened and I got too far away. Maybe I can think again in the future. But if you want to watch, I can recommend a youtube channel. @pusen has opened a youtube channel where he introduces and explains games completely free of charge and I like to watch it. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQASWC5vkAlN_4-Io6zi_Og

Don't mind using such a ridiculous url. Soon he'll get his own private url 😂.

I'm your 75th subscriber. Good luck my friend.But I think you should keep trying

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Bu oyunlardan hiç oynamadim daha çok savaş oyunları oynadım oyun anlatımın gayet guzel

I've never played these games, I've played war games more, your game narration is very good.

Thank you for your nice comment. I'm not playing war games these days. Which games do you play?

Güzel yorumun için teşekkürler. Savaş oyunları da oynuyorum bu aralar değil. Hangi oyunları oynuyorsunuz ?