Flexing my full Arcana Immortal Crystal Maiden Skin!

in Hive Gaming2 years ago

Ta~Dahhh! Bow Down To The Crystal Maiden!!!


Ever since 2015 when this skin (Front Avalanche [Back]) was released, I have been looking forward to owning this specific skin of CM. I am a big Crystal Maiden fan to the point where most of my matches in Dota2 were just me spam-using her.

So when I saw her Arcana skin years ago, it had been my wish to someday own it and fast forward to 7 years after. Ta~Dahhhh! I finally have it and look how cool Crystal Maiden is with her Arcana skin is above! XD

I didn't buy it tho as for me it's kinda expensive with the Frost Avalanche (Back) skin alone costing close to $40, but thanks to @chryst0ff gifting me CM's Arcana skin, I have now Crystal Maiden's complete Arcana and Immortal skins. (For some reason there is no Immortal ARMS skin for CM).


Unlike regular skins, Arcana and Immortal skins have custom ambient effects.

Like Crystal Maiden's first skill Crystal Nova gives a more beautiful Nova burst visually now. Crystal Maiden's third skill now also gives off that beautiful golden barrier-like shield effect whenever she cast a spell which is just beautiful to look at.


Her ultimate which I didn't gave her justice here on how I screenshotted it is also now more gorgeous to look at compared to her regular ultimate without the Arcana skin.


Overall, I am very happy on what my Crystal Maiden looks like now and added with the custom ambient effects that comes with the skin, it's just perfect and it's all thanks to @chryst0ff.

Thank You very muchhhhhhhhhhh!


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is dead that game?