ICYMI: 4th DICE Card Airdrop is unlocked!

in Hive Gaming3 years ago

In case you missed it, and if you have bought at least 1 DICE pack then the 4th Legendary Dice Airdrop character has been unlocked after another 50000 Dice packs sold since the 3rd Dice Airdrop.

If I am not mistaken, all Dice Airdrops will be a 1-Legendary monster card from each Splinter.

The first airdrop was the Legendary Life monster LENSMASTER, second was the Legendary Death monster THEOROSA NIGHTSHADE, the third was the Legendary Water monster TWO-GUN PETE and now for the fourth one is the Legendary EARTH monster EPONA!

Screenshot 2021-07-18 061436.png

Here is her complete stats:


As for me, I've actually been buying a lot of DICE packs after the UNTAMED packs ran out. Not sure on the exact numbers but I think my DICE eligible packs when the 2-Gun Pete airdrop was unlocked was only around 35 Dice packs.

Now I have 143 DICE Eligible packs so I have just bought ~110 DICE packs the last few weeks. LOL Someone staph me as I am addicted to buying packs.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 061201.png

Unfortunately though, for this one I did not get any. One needs to have bought at least 225 DICE packs in order to get 1 Guaranteed EPONA. Since mine is only 143 Dice packs, my airdrop was not guaranteed.

Screenshot 2021-07-18 061558.png

Not gonna lie though, I am disappointed as I was hoping to pull 1. But it is what it is. Hopefully on the last one, I would at least get 1 legendary airdrop.