My luckiest pull everrrrr in an RNG game!

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If you guys were wondering where I have been and why I have not posted for 2 weeks now, well I got sick last last week and went on a trip last week.

I also got super busy this week irl in the mornings and is more busy in the evenings playing GENSHIN IMPACT. They have finally released INAZUMA and I was pretty occupied doing ALL the Inazuma quests for 5 nights in a row now. Lol I am now so close though to completing the Archon Quest.

Anyways, I just wanna share here today my LUCKIEST PULL EVERRRRRRRRRR in an RNG game. This didn't happen today but days ago A DAY BEFORE AYAKA's BANNER ended.

I have been very vocal in my past Genshin Impact blogs as to how I love Ayaka. And originally I was not planning to top-up in this game again and just tried my luck doing 1 wish a day in hopes to get her for like 19 days in the duration on her banner but unfortunately on the last day I still did not get her.

And so, yours truly being an Ayaka simp topped-up $100 just to get more wishes/pulls in hopes to get her and what do you know. On my first 10 pulls after topping-up, I not only got 1 AYAKA but 2 AYAKAS in 1 10-roll. LOL HOW LUCKY IS THATTTTTT!!!


Ta~dah!!! A close up look on my beloved AYAKA. XD


And since I have still A LOT of pulls/wishes left, I decided to give another 10 pulls/wishes and what do you know, another 5-star character. LOL




Surprisingly, on my NEXT SINGLE-PULL after getting DILUC (I started running out of pulls on this one), I GOT AYAKA AGAIN!!! LOL


That's 4 5-star Characters in like ~100 pulls. HOW LUCKY IS THAT!!! I do think it was a $100 well spent. XD

Now, after getting AYAKA I am now again saving up wishes/pulls to get the RAIDEN SHOGUN BAAL. Hopefully I would get her in just the PRIMOGEM I am saving from doing the dailies and event PRIMOGEMS rewards.

If not though, I think I am topping up another $100 for BAAL. Lol I promise it would be the last though. I just love BAAL's character design.


Omg I thought these pulls were just legends hahaha, congrats bro. 😁

OMG you are so lucky.



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This game is huge to install, whats the best part of game play? I might give it a shot.