The most frustrating last minute Season End I have ever experienced!

in Hive Gaming3 years ago

Wowww! Words can't honestly express what exactly I am feeling right now. I want to cuss so badly in this post as I was so frustrated as to what happened during the last 30 minutes before the last season ended. T_T

This happened:


Not only did I get matched-up against the Top #1 on the Gold Leaderboard, I was also matched-up against the 3rd in the leaderboard next and then the 2nd in the Gold leaderboard right after. LOL What Luck!

Out of all the other players trying their very best to advance to the next league and the players trying to climb the way up in the leaderboards, WHAT DID I DO TO BE MATCHED UP AGAINST THE TOP 3 PLAYERS IN-A-ROW!!! Lol

Of course, if I had won even one of the battles above, I would most likely solidify my rank abpve the Top #20 (I was #20 in the leaderboards before I did my last 30 minute run) as winning one of the matches above will probably give me a +20 plus rating unlike the usual +3 from defeating Bots. XD


Although a part of me already expects this tbh. But was just frustrated on my consecutive match-ups on the last runs. GRRR!

I did expect that I will only end up in the Rank #21-#30 in the Gold Leaderboards but I still cling to the hope that I will once again get that sweet juicy 10,000 DEC reward. You can't blame me for being hopeful since I was literally on the gates of the 10,000 DEC. xD

To be fair though, I did lose another match after the 3 matches above. I lost to @markjason (well done to you!) to which I got a -19 rating which also made me lost all hope in climbing back to #20. To some a +42 rating might be close, BUT IT IS NOT! Even if I do get matched-up consecuvitely against Bots for the remaining 20 minutes, I reckon it would still not be enough to get 42+ rating and so I stopped. XD


I did get 1 2000 DEC loot from season end rewards, added with the 4000 DEC from the Leaderboard, I bought myself 2 DICE PACKS.


And got this! Finally got myself a LENSMASTER! Wooohoooo! As usual though, disappointed with the Rare summoner again. Game kept on giving me QID or VERA. I WANT MYLORRRR!!! Give me MYLORRR!



noice :P

Why is it Nice when I just lost my spot in the Top 20?! Lol

I said nice after seeing your dice pack :P