To Battle Or Not To Battle?!

in Hive Gaming3 years ago

To continue battling or not. That is what I was asking myself repeatedly hours ago as for the first time in a long while I have had my Energy Capture Rate at close to 100%.

The reason being why I was contemplating so much whether to continue doing ranked matches or not, was simply I successfully managed to climb my way up to the Rank #16 in the Gold Leaderboards today potentially giving me 10,000 DEC once this season ends.

Screenshot 2021-07-14 174532.png

And some players who is also trying to get a spot in the leaderboard most likely can relate to this, most of our ranked matches usually goes with +3 +3 +3 +3 for every wins and -36 FOR 1 LOSE.

That's right, Even if you win successively for 12 times, 1 LOSE will completely erase the Ratings you accumulated. T_T

I myself was ranked at #12 last night but suffered 2 loses at the very end of my daily runs and so I was thrown back to Rank #18 completely erasing my 25 wins yesterday and even went down in rank in the leaderboard. T_T

Fortunately I got an almost perfect win today (although I lost one match but surprisingly was able to win a match against a high ranking player that I was able to shorten the gap immediately) that now I am currently ranking at Rank #16.

I did stop today at Energy Capture Rate of only 85.47%! Normally I would stop at 75% so this might be a first for me.

Hopefully I would be able to hold my ground in the Gold Leaderboard to get that 10000 sweet DEC.



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