World of Warcraft ~ WotLK Classic progress!

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Due to the cumbersome reality of, well, reality, I haven't been no-lifing this as much as I originally planned. But somehow, within 7 days, I've managed to hit level 40! Before the Lich King pre-patch, reaching level 40 would've taken soooo muccchhhhh lonnggggeerrrrr. So I'm pleased with my progress so far. 😃


Quality of Life features that have come with the pre-patch include the removal of some immersion. For example, I no longer have to visit Nat Pagle and complete his fishing quest in order to level up my fishing. I no longer have to visit various vendors around the world in order to buy a book to level up my cooking.

I rather liked that small bit of immersion in Classic. At the same time, because I'm feeling incredibly lazy, I'm secretly pleased that I didn't have to do those things this time 'round.


A part of this pre-patch is the slow introduction of the scourge event, too.

Screenshotted above are some nasty, plague-ridden crates. The plague can spread to players, to NPCs, and suddenly we have brainless zombies on the loose!

I became a zombie at one point, but it happened while I was fighting murlocs and they zoomed in upon me in a fishy mass and killed me, removing my curse. I want to become a zombie in the city so I can go around and annoy people instead. xD


One would argue that, technically, I'm already a zombie. Since I'm an undead character. 😅

But I guess there's a difference between undead and plague-ridden husk. Even though, lore-wise, the Forsaken are undead because of the scourge plague.... .... ....hmm.



What's really nice about the pre-patch, is the introduction of actually being able to fight properly!

I love being able to attack enemies, zoom to the next, zoom to the next, zoom to the next, all without having to stop and eat in-between each and every fight. And I love that my hits are actually hitting instead of missing half the damned time.

I can even take on multiple enemies now, without fearing for my life!

This in particular is massive when it comes to levelling at a decent pace. This no longer feels like a horrible slog. 😊


Another quality of life thing is the ability to actually find quest items!!

It's so nice being able to fight an acceptable amount of things. Instead of killing 500 people for 10 skulls, every person actually has a skull. 🤣

Likewise, the things that don't have a perfect droprate instead have an 80% droprate compared to what used to be a 10% droprate. It's so much better!


All in all, I'm finding myself enjoying the game once more instead of moaning and groaning at the levelling slog. Wrath of the Lich King really brought so much to the game to make it more of a game rather than a chore.

Sadly Retail WoW has become more of a chore. While they made things better in the long run and the chore is no longer due to a slog, instead it's due to just doing repetitive dailies every day and not really caring. 🤷‍♀ Hopefully Dragonflight feels better than Shadowlands.


Oh, look. I no longer get automatically dismounted when I'm in water. xD

I can't wait to fish up my brand new Sea Turtle mount once pre-patch is over and the expansion actually arrives. That was my favourite mount. Not a fiery cerberus demon dog, not a fluffy bird raptor, not a celestial steed... just a simple turtle. He's adorable. 🐢


Until next time! 🙃



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: World of Warcraft.

 3 months ago  

How cool to see the Classic :D, unfortunately, I can't play due to lack of time, because as you know, leveling up in the Classic is like tying your life to the chair hahaha. I thought you were going for a Rogue but from what I see you're going for the Warrior Fury which is the DPS beast in the Lich. I look forward to continuing to see your progress in the pre-patch.

 3 months ago  

I was playing a rogue before in TBC, but then decided to play a warrior instead. 🙂 The fury warrior is the first class I ever played and is my main in retail WoW, so I thought I'd stick with what I know best. ⚔️

Levelling's not so bad now! 😁 Wrath of the Lich King added so much quality of life. It's not that bad. In Classic and TBC it's terrible, but now levelling is fine. 😊

 3 months ago  

My first class was the Warlock (still my favorite) but it's true that the Warrior is a lot of fun, although I never used the Fury, I always used the Protection. Good luck, I hope to see you doing awesome DPS when you can use two-handed weapons in both hands haha.

Almost finished Dragon age Inquisition, about to finish off Corypheus.

 3 months ago  

There's more after Corypheus. 😊 One final act that paves the way for the next game.

You just gave me a spoiler🥺.