From Rags to Riches - A Classic Adventure (Part 1 - Valley of Trials)

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Hello everyone! It has been a real while since I last posted, so I wanted to start a new character in one of my favorite games: World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade Classic and share my adventure with you step by step!

My objective is to explain with details the progress of my character Kromgath, the orc hunter, from the starting zone all the way up to the big boy raids of end game content.

dark portal.png

As soon as I open the game the Dark Portal greets me, a reminder of the threat that, as we grow, we'll eventually face. Years has it been inactive and now it flows with a corrupting energy called Fel. It connects two completely different worlds, our home Azeroth, and Outland, a broken world conquered by the demonic army of The Burning Legion.

That is one of our goals, to cross it and face whatever horrors await for us on the other side, are you prepared?

starting race.png

In the character creation screen we are given a choice between two factions, a variety of races and classes. After a a long consideration (longer than I would like to admit) we choose the Horde as our faction, Orc as race and Hunter as Class.

Before our adventure begins I will give you an overall status of the character right after being created:

not bad.png

As expected, we don't have a lot of skills in our repertoire, a fact that will change as we grow. There are two kinds of skills, passive and active. So far we have 3 active abilities: Auto-shot (bow), and Raptor strike (melee weapon). We are given 1 additional active ability for being an orc, a racial called Blood Fury, quite powerful too.

When it comes to passive skills we have none class based so far, but again, a couple racials were given for being an orc: Command (very strong for hunters after getting our pet), Hardiness (oh, stop it, you!) and Axe Specialization.

Our adventure begins in Durotar, the Valley of Trials, home of newly trained recruits of the Horde.


We are literally given rags for clothes, they have no armor value so we won't be protected by them at all; a worn axe, bow and light quiver with about 200 rough arrows.

They also give us some tough jerky and refreshing spring water, but most importantly, a hearthstone. This item teleports us to our home place, an inn of our choosing, no matter where we currently are on the world. It can be used once every 1 hour.


We will be completing a series of quests to progress, our first one being kill 10 mottled boars, instantly I am reminded of "that" South Park episode where the kids set a goal of killing thousands of boars to advance their characters, I believe its called 'Make love, not Warcraft', its one of the funniest episodes of the long standing series.


After killing 7 boars, we level up! Our stats, hit points and mana increase. The higher our level, the more quests will be available for us, and that will be our main path to growth.

We make our quick way through the boars. As fun as it may be to indulge in boar genocide we must continue. Bacon is on the menu today boys and gals!


I decided to sell the trash items dropped by the boars to buy more arrows, should not hurt right? They costed 10 copper pieces for 200 arrows, I ended up buying 800, costing 80 copper in total, that should cover for a decent amount of time.

After reporting our success we are given several other tasks, picking up cactus apples, killing scorpions for their tails and killing vile familiar imps (demons).


As we make our way through the valley we encounter a troll called Hana'zua laying under a tree, he explains that he has been gravely injured by a nasty scorpion called Sarkoth. He asks us to avenge him to save his honor, and avenge him we shall!

victory fanfare.png

We put down the beast in a fierce battle, took his claw as proof and went back to check on Hana'zua, he had not yet succumbed to the beasts venom, so we decided to go ask for help back at the camp. Thankfully, they were prepared for scorpion attacks with anti-venoms, and told me they would dispatch someone immediately to help our friend.


Taking this opportunity, we talk with Jen'shan, the local hunter trainer for new skills. She's able to teach us in exchange of a couple copper pieces. We learn how to track beasts, Aspect of the Monke and Serpent Sting, all active skills.


A new task is given to us, go to the cave at north called the Burning Blade Coven and retrieve a medallion, whoever wields this item is the one responsible for the summoning demons in the valley, we must put a stop to them!


After a decent run, we find ourselves in front of the cave, its being guarded by imps and fel stalkers (demon doggos).


We also encounter two adventurers, an orc warlock called Needalock and a troll warrior called Brutalix. We form a party and decide it would be easier to clear the cave of the monstrosities inside together, and we succeed!


We make our way through, find the one responsible for summoning these creatures and put an end to him. We say our goodbyes and part ways, not before taking the medallion as proof.

Turning in the medallion, we are given the task of leaving the Valley of Trials. With our training complete, we find ourselves at level 5, ready to go outside to test our newly gained experience and skills.

ending part 1.png

A whole world awaits for us, and this was just the first step of our adventure, hopefully you will join me on the next episode of "From Rags to Riches - A Classic Adventure".

Thanks for reading, my name is Krommus and I'll see you folks next time.



I'm so tempted to get back into WoW for Season of Mastery - neverending Classic sounds so effing amazing.

I played BC and hit 70, geared a bit, and then quit again - it was boring without my old crew playing with me.

If you decide to play SoM, let me know, I am waiting to find people that are serious about playing before I pull the trigger, but if I do find a crew, I'm going to go hard as fuck!

Hey there!

I know how you feel, I also stopped playing TBC Classic for a couple months, but this game has a terrible hold on me lol.

I am currently playing Seasons of Mastery in a US PVP Realm called Jom Gabbar Horde side. I gotta say the world is chaos though, a bit hard to level because the factions are always at each others throats, which is expected of a PVP realm.

If you're interested in playing then add me, my btag is Krommus#1577.

Nice clean addons, best of luck on leveling up!

Now for the important part, are you a clicker or will you bind everything to keys? ;D

Hey! If anyone is wondering, I'm using a UI (User interface) addon called ElvUI.

As for the binding matter, it is a very personal question! Clicking on skills is the only way to go. I also only keyboard turn, basically I only use my keyboard to move lol.


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