From Rags to Riches - A Classic Adventure (Part 2 - Towns of Durotar)

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Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today we continue our adventure right were we left it, level 5 and right outside the gates of the Valley of Trials ready to take on whatever the world throws at us.


As we walk along the path, we notice the wild life has not changed much, scorpions and boars roam around us. We should be safe as long as we follow the road.

Not long after, we arrive at our first destination: Sen'jin villaje which is mainly populated by one of the races of the Horde: the Darkspear Trolls.

The village is full of huts adorned by tiki masks and voodoo materials, surrounded by palm trees right along the coast.

senjin town.png

The first thing that attracts me are some kind of raptors used by the trolls as mounts. I spoke with their caretaker and was informed that I would only be able to buy one after I prove myself to the Darkspear and reach exalted with their reputation.

These raptor mounts REALLY look cool, one of our eventual goals is to own one.


We enter the village and speak with the leader: Master Gadrin. He explains that the Darkspear used to live comfortably in the Echo Isles, but one of their leaders, a witch doctor called Zalazane betrayed them and took over. Those still loyal to the Horde escaped the isles and founded Sen'jin village.

senjin map.png

He asks us to swim across the shore and eliminate as many traitors as possible, including Zalazane, for which we will have to take the head of as proof.

We walk to the shore and stare directly at the Echo isles and after admiring the beautiful view we start swimming.

echo isles.png

When we reach the isles its easy to see that it has been completely taken by the traitors, we must be careful not to call the attention of a big group, for that could be deadly.

Finally we find the main huts of the village inside Echo Isles where Zalazane lives. First we took care of the surrounding trolls, and then we engaged the traitor in battle.


It was quite a hard task, but we succeed in killing the traitor. We take his head (carrying decapitated heads around must be quite gruesome, annoying and the smell must be atrocious lol) and quickly start heading back, we really do not want to overstay our welcome.


We are given a warm welcome and a decent reward for being successful in our endeavors. The leader tells us there are profession trainers here and they trust us enough as to teach us.


Learning Herbalism (picking herbs to use for Alchemy) and First Aid (the art of making bandages to avoid an early death).

Now we must continue our adventure and head north, towards Razor hill!

razor hill.png

We reach the a town substantially bigger than the last one we visited. The first thing we do is head to the inn and set our hearthstone there.


After looking around and speaking with several people, we encounter a Hunter Trainer and learn skills that will be crucial for our journey:

hunter skills.png

Razor Hill has a problem, a human problem. The Alliance, our sworn enemies, have an active outpost here in Durotar: Tirigarde Keep. We must go here, kill as many of them as possible including their leader, Lieutenant Benedict.

We head south east along the shore until we find the keep:


Making our way inside we find the lieutenant and kill him. Inside his pockets lies a key, but what does it open? Even though it is not part of the quest, we MUST solve this mystery, who knows what it could open? Maybe its for a chest filled with gold! If it is, then this adventure is over, since I officially would become rich lol.

top of the keepo.png

We find a chest on top of the keep,sadly it is not filled with gold but contains documents and letters. Since we do not know how to read the language of human pigs we decide to bring them to the leaders of Razor Hill. We take them and start making our way out of the keep as fast as possible.


In Razor Hill we turn in our quests and level up to 9! I am quite excited because at level 10 as hunter we will be able to tame our first pet, which will be super mega useful for the rest of our journey.

And at last we approach an orc named Orgnil which tells us the letter we found are actually the plans of a possible Alliance invasion! He tells us we must make haste, go to the capitol of the Horde: Orgrimmar and give these documents to Vol'jin, the leader of the Darkspear trolls.

And that is exactly what we will do on the next episode of "From Rags to Riches - A Classic Adventure"!

Thanks for reading, my name is Krommus and I'll see you folks next time.

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Is this Classic or Retail?

Hey there, this is World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade Classic :)

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Bruh, it's pretty cool to see a classic here. I've never played WoW because of the absurd amount of space it requires, how much hard drive space does it currently take up?


This is the Classic Version of World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade, released back in 2007. The file size is about 15gb total.

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