Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Questing in the Burning Desert Region ( Stolen Gem, The Desert Boar Threat and Regional Specialty)

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Hi everyone!

After several weeks of staying in the icy fields of Winter Wonderland and the Glittering Grotto we now arrived in the Burning Desert region. Contrary to the 'burning' which describes the region, most monsters are elementally inclined to the light attribute. My dark attribute Demon's Rifle (which would do really well in this region) at it's 5th awakening is quite decent. I just leveled it up from level 1 to 30 which costed me around 150,000 gold. Max leveling the equipment is a requirement if a player wants to upgrade it, say from 5 to 6 stars. My Demon's Rifle like in the example is only at 5 stars so it still has some room to grow. I also noticed that I lack some Evolution Fruit of Darkness attribute so the plan had to be postponed. It would also need 200 territe to upgrade it from 5 to 6 stars which is pretty costly.

Because of the ballooning demand on territe I'm actually thinking of purchasing two premium packages in the shop. I already purchased an inventory package earlier this month so I'm still not sure in this one. The 'Daily Territe' which costs 249 Php (~5 USD) is very appealing to me. The 28-day subscription perks increases the territe energy effect by 200% and it also gives you 2 Territe Aromas daily. Like your normal aroma the Territe Aroma lasted for 30 minutes and it increases territe accumulation by 700%. So, for an hour you'd have 900% territe energy effect while farming in the Chaos Fields.

Another package that caught my eyes is the 'Daily Adventure'. After paying 399 Php (~8 USD) you'd get 400 diamonds as an instant reward. 40 diamonds are also given everyday during the 28-day subscription. That's more than 1500 diamonds in total. Premium Passes like those in in the Dimensional Border and Field Boss quest usually costs around 3,000 dias so it'd a huge boost if you want to go for the premium loots offered by these passes. Although the diamonds are quite attractive as well as the 8% boost in movement speed what I'm really interested in is the additional 6 hours of AI mode. That would be 10 hours AI mode together with the original 4 hours offered everyday. Aside from better farming experience it can also prolong the life of the device I use because the AI mode works even if the app is close. It's hard to decide right now so let me carefully think about it. For now let's take a look at some of the main quest we did today.

Stolen Gem
I already finished a task from the Burning Desert's Errand Board yesterday. After farming some gold earlier I'd decided to continue to the next one. The monsters in Burning Desert are strong. They have more than 500,000 health points and most of them are of the light attribute so it usually take me longer to clear a mob compared to somewhere like the Glittering Grotto.

The first task is called 'Stolen Gem. Apparently we had to recover a stolen gem from the monsters. The rewards were nothing special: 268,000 EXP, 26,000 gold and 10 large hp potions. The quest giver is a gem merchant which was quite dubious because of our team composition. The strange looking creature definitely referred to Cluu, the girl to Chloe and the naïve looking adventurer to the player, which is me. It's ironic because most Engineers appears tinier than Chloe so that might be a bit confusing to some.

The 'incident' happened at the Golden road. One of the wheels fell causing the wagon to flip and the merchandise to scatter. The sandgolins kinda reminded of me of Niffler from Fantastic Beasts because of their love for shiny things. The location is just a bit more than a 100m North from the town. The Sandgolins are level 79 and have 527k health. It took me 3 minutes to kill 10 which was the requirement. It could be easier if they didn't spawn with Painglers. They are some sort of elite monsters. Their drops are alot more valuable especially the trunk which contain random things. However, Painglers are also much tougher having 627k HP.

The Desert Boar Threat
The second task was a subjugation quest once again. The requestor this time was a frightened merchant who was a part of an advance party from the merchant guild. Desert boars seem nastier than Sandgolins as they attacked and plundered a protected caravan during transport. The poor old guy in his platy turban was quite shocked because the Desert Boars didn't usually roam in these parts of the desert. Well, smells fishy to me. It seems like another plot connected by those guys wearing crow masks. I'm not sure but almost anything terrible in the plot is linked to them.

I arrived at the destination and was not surprised at all. The desert boars were level 80 with almost 540k HP. The worse thing was that I needed to take on 30 of them. I really wished that I had a stronger dark element weapon. My attack is only around 15-17k depending on the weapon I equipped. It's a far cry from those 30K+ attack streamers. It's better to have higher attack especially in grinding as it helps in reducing the TTK (time-to-kill) metric in mobs. I'm slowly rebuilding my Tetro puzzle pages. The box piece gives attack bonus so I'm trying to find combinations in which I can integrate the most number of these pieces in each page.

I finished the task within 5 minutes which was quite long considering that there are only 30 monsters to kill. I need to raise my character power to lessen the time to finish each quests, especially subjugations. I might burn a week or two in Glittering Grotto when I feel that the progress becomes relatively slow. The rewards for this tasks are 268,000 EXP, 26,000 gold and 10 blue familiar fruits.

Burning Desert Regional Specialty
Finally, a gathering quest. I did 5 tasks today under the main quest and this was the third. And as the post is getting too long this would be the last one that I will share today. The task is to look for some rare cheese-smelling flowers that grow near the Shining Sand River. These flowers are called 'Cheese Rosettes'.

They are located approximately 50 meters east of the city. There would be some convo between our teammate NPC's but it would be Cluu that would find the flowers after another set of walk. After gathering all the rosettes three waves of level 81 Desert Boarriors would try to take it. Defeat them and return back to the familiar Merchant to get the reward of 328k EXP, 26k gold and 2 anvils.

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