2022 is Going to be the Year of the Gaming Laptop!


Hello there! I don't know if there's a lot of interest in Hive for hardware discussions, but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway!

CES 2022 is still ongoing, but with everything that has already been announced, it is clear that 2022 will be the year of the gaming laptop. Intel and AMD have some upcoming offerings that are very competitive (especially the new AMD Advantage laptops coming out in February).

These laptops have powerful CPUs and Dedicated GPUs that can compete toe to toe with full-blown desktop gaming PCs, and with the scarcity of GPUs and CPUs in the desktop market, the time has never been as perfect as right now to get your hands on a new gaming laptop instead.

AMD Mobile Offerings

Intel Mobile Offerings

In the low-end, AMD will bring laptops with APUs capable of competing with the current-gen consoles (after all, AMD is the provider for those SoCs). In the mid-to-high-end, you can find complete desktop replacements starting at prices around $850-900 up to $2000+ depending on your budget and what you need.

Frankly, I'm a bit more interested in what AMD has to offer this year over Intel, and I'm sure the AMD Advantage edition laptops will be more affordable compared to the AMD+Nvidia/Intel+Nvidia combos. The Advantage editions offer a fully integrated AMD experience bringing an AMD CPU and an AMD GPU. Many hardware and software updates have been made this generation to provide performance boosts for this combo, and I can't wait to try it out.


I have had a gaming laptop for the past two years and don't regret the move from desktop PCs at all. I have helped over a dozen people purchase their gaming laptops in that time frame, and I'm extending this knowledge to the Hive community.

If you need help deciding on a gaming laptop, be it for games or business, you can contact me over TG or Discord, and I will help you without an issue. I'm pretty in the know myself, and this year I'm doing a lot of research for a possible laptop upgrade as well.

So if you want to get a laptop and don't even know where to start, don't be shy and message me, and I'll guide you along in these vast computing universes!

 last year  

I'm not up to date with laptops, I'm thinking of buying one, but it's for editing videos, also for gaming, but mainly for editing videos in good quality, I'm not asking for 4K either.

What budget do you have? Optimally, I would wait until February for this year's laptops to come out.

I haven't owned a gaming laptop in many years now but it looks like it's time to give it another shot soon.

They have been getting really good in the last couple of years, I personally use mine with a ultrawide monitor so its pretty much a glorified desktop in a stand but the value is unbeatable right now compared to buying a GPU for a desktop and a full PC around it. I'm planning to get an arm soon to dual monitor my ultrawide + laptop.

Nice yeah that sounds like it would be a really good setup. I'm gonna keep an eye out for some good deals this year.

As someone who did the opposite (moving from laptops => gaming PC) I've had the opposite experience, so I'm curious as to why you found gaming laptops a better experience than the traditional desktop. With inflated PC parts from scalpers though, I do agree that gaming laptops might be better value for the consumer currently.

I was really anti-laptops until 2019 when I realized they where starting to catch up and get really good compared to desktops, and right now during the pandemic and due to shortages their fps per dollar are thru the roof compared to a desktop PC.

I also had plans to migrate to another country (which I did) and having a laptop was optimal for that move, I could resume work the next day after arriving instead of having to ship or source a new computer locally.

I see! Yeah, that makes sense for your use case, plus computing power is quickly plateauing for the everyday consumer. Either way, tech improvements are always a huge welcome for regular consumers. Just hoping that the chip shortage will end soon so CPU and GPU prices will go back to normal...

I really have no hopes of the chip shortage ending this year at all.

Currently now I am using hp core i5 but I don't know whether it is a gaming laptop or

If its not clear, it probably isn't

Necesito algo como eso, por ahora mi presupuesto dice otra cosa. Sin embargo estoy agradecido por tu disposición de ayudar. Eres un gran chico!

Last Laptop I bought was an MSI GL62 6QF and after installing some RAM it can still run newer games great! I am glad there are more people offering to help others with specifications, Good luck to you and thank you for your services!

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