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I am not used to this hero as I am still on the progress of leveling it up to see the potential of Gloridax Solier. As we can see even on its primary level we can see that it has already two abilities, one is flying which is really needed in terms of battle rules with the earthquake, and second, it has Shield ability which helps him reduce damage inflicted into him.

The potential skill of these monsters totally unlocked at level 5 as the monster will activate its Oppress skill which is really a good option for you to take double damage to those no attack monsters. I guess this is a good anti to Peaceful Giant and many others that are mostly used as protection shield on their back monsters.

Now, with Gloridax Soldier now in Splinterlands, those players that commonly used shield monsters will now think twice as he can easily slash it with its purple sword.



The battle takes place with two battle rules, first is Unprotected in which all of our monsters will lose their shield, and second is that all neutral monsters are not possible to be used. The challenge would be kind of difficult but let's just see if I can handle it with the team composition that I have made.

In the frontline, we can see that my Gloridax Soldier is quite overwhelmed on its counterpart with a 4 melee attack which is a good fit for it to attack. And aside from that, it has much better speed than my Goloridax Soldier.

Next, he used Manticore for its second melee position while on my side, I use Spineback Wolf which on the two my Spineback Wolf has much better speed but the problem is that its Manticore is really powerful where it has already a set of three skills.

On my third position, I choose to put Skeleton Assassin while on his side he put up Nagafire Wizard which is quite a pain magic attack. Next to that, my Phantom Soldier serves as a backup just in case my melee monsters will not able to handle it.

Enemy Zalran Efreet has life leech, Cleanse, and Headwinds ability making it a more powerful monster and hard to take down. He also uses range attack monster Pyromancer that has Blast damage to my monsters while lastly, he uses Black Dragon in order to lessen the speed of my monsters.

My Line Up

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My Gloridax Soldier will serve as my frontline, defending the grounds with its Shield ability the level of this monster is 1. I guess my Gloridax Soldier is a very brave monster that really willing to die to its comrades just to have them standing in battle until the end.

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I put Spineback Wolf in the second position as it could help additional damage assistance while my Gloridax Soldier holding the ground. It's reach ability and speed is the advantage that I am seeing of this monster, giving the monster to potential attack first enemy monster.

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In the third position is my Skeleton Assassin which will serve as my outside from distance hit with its Sneak ability which would target its Black Dragon as it is currently in the last position.

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I put my biggest magic attack monster, Phantom Soldier, at the fourth position in order to secure the perimeter just in case my melee monsters will not able to survive in the battle. With its 8 life points, Phantom Soldier can still both defend the ground while inflicting enemy monsters.

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In the fifth position is my Boogeyman which is in-charge of slowing down enemy speed with its Slow ability. Its magic damage is the same with Phantom Soldier but much weaker in speed and in health.

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And lastly, Fallen Spectre that could help reduced the damage of melee monsters. But it is quite a bargain as it has very low in life points but is a much quicker attack initiator compare to all monsters inside the battlefield.

The Battle


At the start of Round 1, enemy summoner immediately boosts melee attack of both its Manticore and Molden Ogre while my Fallen Spectre tries to suppress those from happening. But it was its Molten Ogre that decrease the melee attack of both my Spineback Wolf and Skeleton Assassin making them weaker.

The Black Dragon really gives me more headaches as it decreases the attack speed of my monsters and lastly performs Strengthen ability that helps increase all my enemy monster's life.

I made the first engagement of attacks but Molten Ogre is quite really thick which my monsters having a difficulty. But by the time Molten Ogre retaliate immediately my Gloridax Soldier was eliminated instantly.

My Spineback Wolf tried to replace the frontline but a huge combo coming from Manticore and Zalran Efreet which quickly eliminates him as well.


At the start of Round 2, Molten Ogre's life points from 13 down to 7 which is still very solid. Both enemy monsters Zalfan Efreet and Black Dragon continue to use Leech's ability towards my monsters, giving them additional life in every damage they have taken.

My Skeleton got eliminated by Mogre Ogre with its overkill damage. Now the situation got worsens after my first Magic attack type monster goes into the frontline. It then headed to my immediate lost.

My Analysis

Using Gloridax Soldier in this battle is not quite effective as its Shield ability is quite hopeless if encountered with much heavy damage dealing like Molten Ogre. And aside from that leveling it at least level 5 helps him to be extremely effectly and efficient.

And also, the battle is quite unbalanced as we can see my enemy already have good level monsters with a set of two legendary monsters.

Full Battle

Full Battle can be seen here :

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I actually don't use this card but may try it out like you. Not much life to play around with but i'll give it a go. Great post!

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Thanks alot.. ;)

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