Goblin Mech - Evil Mercenery!!! Checkout this battle walkthrough on Splinterlands

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I cannot believe that I won this battle, this one is different from all those type of battles where you know the odds are on your side from the beginning based on your calculations, predictions and ability of monsters you're taking into battle. So this was what happened, the Splinterlands weekly challenge came in, it was to use Goblin Mech in winning a battle. Sweeet!


Edition: REWARD
Rarity: COMMON
Element: NEUTRAL
Current Trade Value: $0.01

Goblin Merch has always been one of my favorite guys, while I was still very much struggling at Bronze tier, I even made a post about it 9 months ago here, Goblin Merch came in handly countless times for me, I got so used to it that I felt like a bully each time I arrived at a battle with it, I mean, you can tell it can be dangerous just by looking at it, but it has one caveat, it is very high in mana(10)! But trust that I always find a way to use it even in not so high mana battles, its all about the strategy.


So today like every other time, I charged at the challenge with all my enthusiasm and battle face, I was given a battle with 22 mana cap, I picked Goblin Merch as the first monster, which was a little bit unlike me, I would normally use Goblin Merch from mana 25 upward.

In my head, I was thinking that using a monster with a damage of 4 against an enemy might give me an attacking edge, my other option was to use low mana monsters which will give me space for picking up another monster, but then again I thought Goblin Merch should have enough armour to secure itself, anyway after many deliberations, I went with Goblin Merch,

Followed by Parasitic Growth, this card is from the Untamed version and I like it a whole lot, it comes in handy as it is a neutral card with a very little mana of 4, mine is a gold version I won as a reward, its at level 3, which makes it have a melee damage of 2 and 3 life, I like it for its special ability called "opportunity" which lets it attack enemy monsters from any position, it attacks the enemies weakest cards first. Putting those two cards first were sure deal bankers for me

The card following Parasitic growth is the Divine healer, everyone needs a tank healer in their team, besides, I thought it would be nice to have a healer team up with Goblin Merch, just to keep replenishing health while it takes in damages. I also counted on the magic attacks to come in handy.

Then I also thought about using the Armour smith, since the first monster was heavy on shield, using the Armour smith will only make sense as it will help in repairing the damaged shield while the Divine healer helped in replenishing life. In my head I'd made up the perfect line up, but since the Armour Smith had only 3life, it only made sense it add an extra manaless card to the rear just to take in any damage coming from there.

Which led me to using the famous Furious Chicken. Yall know why I use the Furious Chicken right? Goodluck charm....and to occupy space :).


So did my plans work? No they didn't, at least not in the way I envisioned it. Goblin Merch was the first to get kicked to the curb...yeah I gave myself the same look, with all the armour plus life with tank healer and the Armour Smith joined together, one would have thought it was never going to die, but I was faced with an opponent that came in with the big guns,


Here is the replay, it lasts for only about 2 mins so kindly indulge

2 ranged monsters with 2 and 3 damage respectively, a tank healer and a legendary monster with an ability to reduce melee and ranged attacks, I was almost smoked! My Goblin Merch was rendered useless before my eyes, but I'm glad it held the forte for so long, if it didn't do anything at all, at least it absorbed damages while the others gave out their ranged blows.

Here is the replay, it lasts for only about 2 mins so kindly indulge

You wouldn't believe how the battle eventually turned out, at some point I had to open one eye and shut the other because I just couldn't bear it, I had a wide grin on my face when the battle ended, it turned out that the Furious Chicken, Armour Smith and Divine healer played more important roles in landing my win than what I had planned. I almost always use the Goblin Merch especially in high mana battles, for the main purpose of absorbing as much damage as is needed while the other monsters get to work with their ranged attacks.

And that's it for this weeks Splintertalks folks, if you'd like to join me in having this awesome gaming experience, here's my referral link

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If you're game, I'm always up for a challenge. Hit me up and get your ass whooped.

Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.



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