No Man's Sky - permadeath travel log #6

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Right after leaving planet Leybir Prime, I was contacted by an alien named "Nada", who mistook me for Artemis. I replied I'm not Artemis, but regardless, Nada's station or Space Anomaly teleported into my view.




I entered Space Anomaly and talked to two masters of the station, Nada and Polo. Nada is a Korvax and Polo is a Gek. They say they are supporting and helping Travelers, foreign entities of this galaxy.


The station also has various shops and research terminals where I can purchase new blueprints or upgrades. In addition, I can summon the station to my vicinity whenever I need to. A very convenient feature.


Tutorial phase ends here. I have a fully functional spaceship with interstellar travel capability, and can summon Space Anomaly. Now it's up to me what will do next.



I decided to follow along the primary mission. After leaving Space Anomaly, Artemis contacted me. It looks like she's in trouble, but communication signal is not strong enough.

I detected a communication tower called Holo-Terminus on icy planet of Zahh IX which I visited previously. I'll try to contact Artemis again, but before heading for the Holo-Terminus I'm going to check my base computer for newly retrieved archive data.


I've always admired people who have the patience to do challenge runs like these. I rarely have the patience. Maybe you could try linking your posts together a bit? This is the first post I'm seeing from this journey and I had no idea what was going on without going back through your posts. Maybe if you summarize your journey so far at the beginning or add links to the earlier parts of the adventure it will be easier for people to get into. People have very short attention spans so if you want more people to read, and thus end up voting, for your posts I recommend making it easy for people to get into.

And, if you take the time to read, comment and vote for other peoples post that will also pull people towards your blog. Those favors often get returned.

That's a great idea. There should be much to be improved, because these are my first gaming logs. I'll try to summarize what I've done previously to make my post more readable. Thanks for the comment!

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