Make your idle NFTs earn tokens for you! - Staking NFTs on R-Planet | WAX Blockchain

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In this video I will show you how to stake NFTs from various WAX projects on R-Planet and earn R-Planet's ingame currency AETHER by doing so. Currently there are a total of 11 supported projects, including: R-Planet, Alien Worlds, Kogs, Blockchain Heroes and others.

Staking NFTs on R-Planet:
R-Planet on Medium:

00:00 R-Planet explained
02:30 Staking on R-Planet explained
05:45 Trading AETHER
06:30 R-Planet Asset Sale
08:22 Outro

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R-Planet is a project on the WAX blockchain that allows you to stake unused NFTs from various WAX projects and games and earn a token called AETHER with it. For the beginning it is also an alchemy game, where players combine different materials to discover new ones. Any player who first discovers a new material is the Inventor. Later new games will be released.

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