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Currently, the game is still being tested and we will announce updates as we fix and fine-tune the game. In the meantime, we want to keep sharing some game info while we get ready for launch!

If you would like to help with testing check out this post > Come and Test UNSUNG HERO | 200 HIVE Prize Pool

Also, hop into our DISCORD for the latest updates and fixes.



With most RPG games it is always all about the loot and glory of using the best loot for slaying monsters! Do we have some loot for you, Heroes! Unsung Hero will feature over 110 NFT collectibles, all with their own unique ability or contribution to the game.

How can you get items?

  • Buy them with HBD.
  • Buy them with Hero Tokens that you will earn from playing.
  • In-game events that give you a chance of winning an item.

Currently, the game NFT's are in the form of:

  • Heroes
  • Weapons
  • Amulets
  • Armours
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Relics
  • Rings
  • Stones
  • Skills
  • Backgrounds



Since every item is different it also means they have different rarities and the chances that they might roll for your account from the item pool. Anytime you buy items they will come from the item pool so the chance is there that you might get a very rare item from the very beginning. It has happened in our testing, and if that is the case your return on investment is near-instant, you can even make a decent passive income stream or sell your rare items for profit, the choice is yours!




Item Quality is how good the item's stats are between a given range.

This Amulet for example:


A common item with one stat, BOSS TIMER.

BOSS TIMER on this Amulet can roll anywhere between 1 to 30 seconds.

That means we take (4*100)/30 = 13.33% Quality

Example 1 : 15 Seconds = 50% Quality
Example 2 : 10 Seconds = 33.3%% Quality
Example 3 : 30 Seconds = 100%% Quality

NOTE: Items and Skills can reach a MAXIMUM of 100% Quality.
Weapons can reach a MAXIMUM of 1000% Quality.


DISCLAIMER: This game is not done yet and items bought will not be carried over to the final version. The items are purely for testing. Spending HBD on items and starter packs will later be refunded to everyone.


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is this game online? because I paid the new account and also purchased cards but I see nothing on my screen