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RE: EXODE releases into Alpha - A first look at some early cards

in Hive Gaming2 years ago

I love the potential of this game.

You are correct, it came a long way in a month. The amount of development being done is excellent.

It is great to see the promotion from the community. Some of the videos and artwork being done is incredible.


@taskmaster4450 I love the potential as well!

Between the collectible card aspect, the colony building, the strategy/action gameplay, the Exofuel token as ship fuel (and I think other purposes) is in my opinion quite phenomenal and makes the game very well rounded.

I think that this game sort of 'bridges the gap' between several types of gameplay and perhaps will become a 'template' for other games in the future.

@elindos has been very responsive to community feedback and has been promptly helpful with folks having issues or finding bugs. I think that the level of open communication I have witnessed is commendable.