TST Partner Post: TheProfesserf - Gods Unchained New Players' FAQ, Answered! Plus an exclusive interview!

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@TheProfesserf answers all of your new player questions in this all-encompassing video tutorial, covering everything a new player needs to know in order to maximize their Gods Unchained experience and optimize their progression! Don’t step foot into the Gods Unchained arena without arming yourself with the knowledge and foresight available in this video!

Whether you are a new or experienced player, make sure you check out all of TheProfesserf’s helpful and informative videos, including an exclusive recently released interview with TeamStreamTeam’s very own Mirage88, available on his YouTube page! Make sure to Like & Subscribe!

0:33 - What is Gods Unchained?
1:35 - What is Play-to-Earn?
3:15 - How does the Card Marketplace work?
3:42 - How to earn $20 just by trying the game!
6:18 - What should a new player look to accomplish first in-game?
6:40 - Earning cards and XP; leveling up your account and building out your collection.
7:38 - Navigating through the Gods Unchained client.
11:31 - How does the Ranking System work?
13:45 - What is the Weekend Ranked Event?
14:39 - Earning Stars and Flux.
19:01 - Sealed Draft Mode.
19:26 - New player gameplay progression recap.

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Thanks for this post, I haven't met many Gods Unchained players. Currently it seems to me a well-created game, but with few users, am I wrong?

it's an awesome game! in my humble opinion 😁

as far as player numbers go, we've seen a massive influx over the past few weeks with their new referral program, and the impending launch of Immutable X, which will allow players to buy and sell cards without paying any gas fees. here's an active player chart to illustrate:


if you do end up signing up, feel free to use my ref link/referral code: https://godsunchained.com/learn/spgp?referral=ozlqoaztfk

if you link your Coinbase account, you'll get 20 bucks for completing a few simple missions, and I'll get $5 for the referral! Free money, and it'll give you a taste of what's to come. hope to see you on the ladder!


Thanks for this reply. interesting that the users have increased

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