It's a Whole WOO Day

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Afternoon Play 2 Earn Community!

Did you get in on the Alpha Presale Packs or happen to hear about WOO - Wrestling Organization Online?

I hope so! I only managed to grab modest 10 packs, but I'm glad I got some! They sold out!

WOO Alpha Pack 2.jpg

WOO is a play-to-earn business management game where players can build their Organization by acquiring wrestlers, upgrading facilities, and competing to earn more of the game's own token $WOO.

WOO logo.png

You'll be able to battle against other players and they have affiliated with an actual former wrestling superstar, Perry Saturn! Talk about a page out of childhood.. I remember some great matches with him, Chris Jericho and Raven when I was kid.

This will put money into Perry's pocket. Can't say I'm more happy to be apart of something helping wrestlers from my childhood who need it. Not to mention the future of this project looks bright. Another great addition to the Hive-Engine.

Check out their Whitepaper AKA The Dirt Sheet for the full scoop or on Discord for new content announcements and fan art contests.

Speaking of Perry

Everyone that participated in the Alpha Presale has a chance to get a Perry Saturn card very soon in an airdrop! Let's take a look at that beautiful card!

Perry Saturn.png

Looooks gooood and Legendary! I hope I get one, my odds aren't too bad!
Here's more airdrop info about how the it will work.

What's It Looks Like So Far?

Let's take a look. Here's my 10 packs ready to be opened with a glowing orb begging them to be pulled into it.

Open Packs.PNG

The marketplace is already poppin'. Curious to see what other new players will buy singles and get into the WOO-verse.


Let's take a look at Mad Mike the Legendary. 5 on the market as of this post and it's going for about 85-95 SWAP.HBD, except for one that's 350..sheesh.

Leg Mad Mike.PNG

We'll check back on that next week and see how it changes.

To Open, Or Not To Open?

I have to admit, I haven't pulled the trigger and opened any packs yet! I know, I know.. Though there has been talk of benefits in the future for holding your unopened packs..
Opportunities on both sides of the fence, what do you think I should do?
Comment down below.

That's all I got for ya today. Can I get a WOO!?!


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