Actual ROI is 90%-150% depends from... complications, how city is built. Without complications and random stuff it's not game anymore, just hold to earn :)
And you can achieve similar ROI results with 100 or 1000 hive investment, obviously can't be free to play :)

That's not a very impressive city, what does the pricetag say?

I'd take it for an appropriate amount.

The price is the amount in SIM (dashboard) in HIVE

That's a rough estimate that changes every day. It's on you, call a number - at best in HIVE/USD.

270 hive
should i've been sending you all the cards one by one?

I think you can only do 10 or 20 at once, it will take some clicking and pushing.

Let me Hive-Chat you for the Transaction

No rush, thanks for the Deal. Appreciated.

bow to you!
msg me when you need it!