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About Dcity

Dcity is mathematical and trading game basded on non fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build they own cities with tokens representing buildings, citizens, technologies, and earn income in form of hive(based on ranking) and SIM token(based on city income). There are also cards that player can get only from playing game like technologies, backgrounds and new prevention cards :)

New Technologies


  • lvl 1. Basic Accounting: Office income +1
  • lvl 2. Printers Upgrade: Central Bank income +5
  • lvl 3. DEFI: income +1%
  • lvl 4. Bitcoin Fund: Economy crisis Penalty decresed by 20%(Penalty is 8% instead of 10%)
  • lvl 5. Advanced Management: Office +5 Income


  • lvl 1. Advanced Prayers: Church +1 income, -1% sick people when pandemic crisis is in effect (stackable 10 times)
  • lvl 2. Tests on Humans: +5% to find Vaccine for every Experimental Lab, Experimental Lab popularity -10
  • lvl 3. Experimental Heathcare: Experimental Lab income +5
  • lvl 4. Healthcare AI: When pandemic crisis is in effect each hospital decreases social costs by 40
  • lvl 5. Advanced Healthcare: 15% fewer sick people

All 3rd Edition Buildings Revealed!

Below is the table with stats for buildings:

NameDrop RatePopulationIncomePopularityReq. Workers
Construction Site20%0000
Power Line7%05-24
Train Station5%012920
Ice Cream Shop5%0873
Barber Shop4%0873
Fire Department*5%031220
Construction Company1%0101030
SpaceSIM Company0.1%051010
Military Base0.5%010-30100
Music Store5%0873
Car Dealership4%015109
TV Station2%0211320

*Each Fire Department reduces Fires income penalty by 20 SIM
*Court decreases crime rate

Crime Changes:

As many players noticed, it is very easy to avoid crime by not having any Shopping Mall/Bank/Casino and penalties are very low causing crime to be completely ignored by players.

From 3rd edition we will add general crime, not connected to any building. Penalty for general crime will be 5% of income, this way the overall crime penalty will decrease for small cities and increase for big cities. If a city has 10 or more buildings the probability for general crime will be 20%, accordingly higher with less crime related buildings.

Crime table after 3rd edition:

  • Robbed City(general crime): 5% of income
  • Central Bank: 1000 SIM penalty
  • Casino: 400
  • Car Dealership: 300
  • Bank: 150
  • Shopping Mall: 75

Also Criminal will appear only in cities with 1000+ SIM income.

2 New Combined Buildings:

Police Lab (Construction Site, 4 Laboratories 1 Police station, Office, Public Restrooms, Parking, Police Equipment)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 46
  • popularity: 32
  • workers: 86

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 30
  • popularity: 40
  • workers: 60

Increase probability to get Criminal when crime happens by 1%

University Campus (Construction Site, 10 Universities, 2 Laboratory, Office, Parking, 2 Public Restrooms, 2 Free Internet Connection)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 51
  • popularity: 105
  • workers: 191

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 40
  • popularity: 110
  • workers: 200

University Campus increase max cap for technology discovery by 1%

Construction Site is lost when constructing new building, but player can convert combined building back to other used buildings. As you can see there, technology will be used for combining too.

Combined buildings:

NameIncomePopularityReq. Workers
Golf Course408050
Police Lab304960
Experimental Lab6010120
Drone Factory130-50210
Transportation Hub190120300
Entertaiment Zone10080100
Police Academy303090
University Campus40110200
Industrial Zone8001001000
Power Distributor80-2560
Central Bank2150150

Crisis Events as global random factors:

Crisis Events will happen globally for all the players, with a probability of 1-20% growing slowly from 1% and reset when the crisis event happens. When crisis event happens there is penalty for all the users that day.

Pandemic - 20% of the population is sick and not working (Social support cost is increased by 0.4 for every sick citizen )
Probability - 1-20%, goes up 1% daily

Fires - reduce income by 5%
Probability - 1-20%, goes up 1% daily

Riots - reduce income and popularity by 5%
Probability - 1-20%, goes up 1% daily or 0.8% if police tax is on

Economy Crisis - reduce income by 10%
Probability - 1-20%, goes up (1-(total_tax/100))% daily

Power Outage - reduce income by 5%
Probability - 1-20%, goes up 1% daily or 0.8% if energy tax is on

Nature Disaster - reduce income and popularity by 5%
Probability - 1-20%, goes up 1% daily or 0.8% if energy tax is on

Prevention Cards

Prevention cards after activation prevent crisis for 7 days(rounds). Prevention cards will be mined with new combined cards.

Vaccine produced by Experimental Lab when pandemic crisis happens (10% chance, stacks additively, 10 Experimental labs = 100%)
When used gives you 1 week prevention on pandemy(80% fewer sick people)

Crisis Bond produced by Central Bank when Economic Crisis happens (10% chance, stacks additively, 10 Central Banks = 100%)
When used gives you 1 week prevention on Economic Crisis

Prepared Police produced by Police Academy when Riots happens (10% chance, stacks additively, 10 Police Academies = 100%)
When used gives you 1 week prevention on Riots and doubles crime decrease effect of Police Station

Power Reload produced by Power Distributor when Power Outage happens (20% chance, stacks additively, 5 Power Distributors = 100%)
When used gives you 1 week prevention on Power Outage

Prevention card is lost after activation

First Edition

First Edition printing will stop on 19 March.
Also soon you should see Auctions for 3rd Pass. Winners of these auctions will get 48hr access to 3rd edition cards before others and will also receive VIP citizen with 1 population and 10 popularity.
3rd Edition will hopefully be released in March :)

Other Posts describing update:

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Awesome work @gerber and dCity team. Super excited for this.

I'm tired of this game already, it's too complicated and needs a lot of investment with no obvious ROI. Hope is lost. If somebody wants to buy my whole dCity I could give a good offer, instead of selling all the individual cards...

Actual ROI is 90%-150% depends from... complications, how city is built. Without complications and random stuff it's not game anymore, just hold to earn :)
And you can achieve similar ROI results with 100 or 1000 hive investment, obviously can't be free to play :)

That's not a very impressive city, what does the pricetag say?

I'd take it for an appropriate amount.

The price is the amount in SIM (dashboard) in HIVE

That's a rough estimate that changes every day. It's on you, call a number - at best in HIVE/USD.

270 hive
should i've been sending you all the cards one by one?

I think you can only do 10 or 20 at once, it will take some clicking and pushing.

Let me Hive-Chat you for the Transaction

No rush, thanks for the Deal. Appreciated.

bow to you!
msg me when you need it!


images (1).png

I have a suggestion on how to make the Criminal card useful.
at the moment I think we all use this card to control the population or to sell it :) .

So I thought it would be interesting to have a prime jail Card that would convert the negative effects of the Criminal, rewarding either by producing the sim of the jail based on the number of added Criminals and that a negative effect let's say criminals be trained into Worker or another type of Citizen Card
Sorry for the english but I used google translate.
PS: i see you make a Jail Card (Jail/Prison are the same :) )

😏 wokay. sounds complicate. What is the recipe for a combine building such as Golf course? Or the resulting building is random?

Golf Course (Construction Site, 10 Parks, 5 Forests, Office, Public Restrooms)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

income: 32
popularity: 74
workers: 42

Stats of combined building:
income: 40
popularity: 80
workers: 50


Just wondering here: do the cap increases for the combined buildings stack when you have multiple of those buildings (e.g. +5% if you have 5 police labs)?

March 2022, as expected!

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The shape,... it's a Wiener, the Stars aline,.. everything is Karkosa,.. the 3rd Edition will never see the light. Only a bliz-prayer can rescue us now! !BEER

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Some cool new cards!

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Woohoo! Excited!

Love the update here! I'm looking forward to when hopefully the SIM price recovers and I can start buying one card or more a day! Getting taxed into oblivion right now lol keep up the awesome work here guys!

As long as there are cities with over a million citizens, with no sim income there will be no good sim income for little players. Without tax of any kind I would be earning close to 300 sim a day. The luxury tax does not seem to be helping in penalizing 0sim income cities.

how 0 sim income cities hurt SIM economy with no SIM to sell? You know that taxation and SIM price comes from cities making SIM and selling SIM. Possible that 0 SIM cities actually spend hive rewards from time to time to buy SIM and cards to keep high position in ranking. Long term, SIM cities spending SIM on building up should build faster than sellers, or even 0 sim cities.

SIM taxation is same for small and big cities. There is not that much difference between small and big players in terms of SIM ROI. But you can think about SIM price without taxation, just imagine where it could be. It's very important game self defense mechanism, was ignored by presidents for half year and 0% taxes, and now when people already made bank and selling more, income tax makes it super high tax. It's very hard to convince anyone that managing inflation is very important and we go from 0 - 70% - maybe short term 20% - and again 70%. Imagine all the SIM saved during half year of 0% tax if president would keep it 30%, maybe it would be still 30% till now. We just going from edge to edge, and people want more tokens to sell it for less hive...

Amazing job @gerber!

Nice! I like more complexity... the more the better... :) That's what keeps me entertained.