Hey! I see you’ve been advertising your stream for a while which I think is awesome. I do believe both your stream and posts could get some more attention from our users around here if you also take the time to engage with them. Reading, voting and commenting on others posts might make them return the favor. Just a thought!

I vote on other people's stuff all the time actually without having to interact with them. I used to do this on Steemit, the interaction and the networking. It shouldn't be as much of an important part of it as people engaging with a streamer first-hand. I know the blog posts get a lot of traction and streamer content just goes down the drain. It's a pain really. I understand that interaction is a crucial part of it, but I shouldn't have to since I don't think I've ever had anyone from Hive actually get on my stream ever the past few months.

You do you! We want to start curating more streamer content but it will be for the ones who engage in the community and not just drop links. Good luck with your stream dude!

I do engage with the community. I do it through voting and interacting on Discord, I see it fit to interact with the community through that. I check out their posts but I just don't leave comments on them. Is that so bad?

I totally get that. The reason why we curate based on comment engagement and such is because anyone can say they’re engaging with the community by voting when in reality they’re just farming curation rewards. The negative sides of that is people like you falling through the cracks but that’s how we do it.

Ah, that makes more sense, well, I'll try and be more interactive from hereon going forward I guess? Anywhere I can look at specifically what you guys are doing with regard to curation?

We don’t have it in written from anywhere how we do curation. Quality content is foremost and then comes the user activity in form of engagement. Quality content isn’t defined what it means. Many seem to think that quality content is a 1000 word post but that’s not true. 1000 words, 200 words, streams, videos, screenshots, it can all be quality content in different ways. Those who just drop links and content without ever engaging usually get skipped.

WARNING - The message you received from @hanculture is a CONFIRMED SCAM!

DO NOT FOLLOW any instruction and DO NOT CLICK on any link in the comment!

Thanks for the warning message :)

You're welcome @vishire

BTW, I noticed I miss your witness vote 😢
Would you mind casting one to me? It would be much appreciated!

Hey man, thank you! Appreciate it! It's one of the first comments on my stream posts I've had for the past few months since I started streaming consistently. Thank you for your kind words :)

I don't have a YouTube yet since editing videos is still hard for me and I'm working on that. When I do, I will definitely lead you to it :)