HiveSlotGames - first approach

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Hi everyone guys,

today I have had my first approach with Hiveslotgames and I wanted to share with you a video with some info.

I would like to highlight something I have just realised and therefore it isn't completely correct on the video... only if you create an account using their platform you should be able to get 7 hive back as soon you play 100 times.

I have to say that I am enjoying playing this game even if I am not so expressive in this video 🤣 check and follow @hiveslotgames for more info and contests where you can win Hive.

There is a referral link that I would like you will follow so you could become my referrals 😍 so feel free to do so. Ref Link will divert you to their page.

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cheers :)

Awesome overview man, thank you! We hope you have a good time! 😎

thanks :)

I played a bit of that for the first time a yesterday, Got a nice 6 hive win on a 0.1 bet, gambled all my winning aways as per usual and ended up withdrawing about 0.060 more than I deposited. xD

well done :) keep doing it and you might become a whale :)

good jobb nice projeck