Newcomer Pine Tree joining the Orchard

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Good morning and a happy Sunday to you, dear Hivers ! We haven't been very active in the garden since our last trips and weekends in the country, but sometimes you have to choose between walking and gardening !

These days, we're more in the phase of preparing the vegetable garden and the rest of the garden for spring. I think I'll be sharing some of our plans for the future with you...!


But for today, I'm just giving you an update on the simple planting of a small pine I found in the forest. So yes, I've taken it away from its fellows, but let's say I'm also giving the species access to a territory where it wasn't previously established.





The rest is pretty straightforward : dig with a spade, aerate the soil well, place the tree and its roots in the hole, cover and tamp down as you go along. To finish, I water abundantly so that the roots are in good contact with the soil.

And that's it :)

On that note, I hope you have a lovely Sunday and that you're well ! Thank you very much for your visit,



All the images are mine.

Bonjour et bon dimanche à vous chers Hivers ! Nous n'avons pas été très actif dans le jardin depuis nos derniers séjours et weekends à la campagne, mais entre balades et jardinage : il faut parfois choisir !

Ces derniers temps, nous sommes plus dans une phase de préparation du potager et du reste du jardin pour le printemps. Je pense que je vous partagerai un peu nos plans pour le futur..!


Mais pour aujourd'hui, je vous fais juste une petite mise à jour sur la simple plantation d'un petit pin que j'ai trouvé dans la forêt. Alors oui, je l'ai enlevé à ses semblables, mais on va dire que j'offre aussi à l'espèce un accès à un territoire sur lequel elle n'était pas implantée.





Pour le reste, c'est assez simple, creuser à la bêche, bien aérer la terre, placer l'arbre et ses racines dans le trou, recouvrir et tasser au fur et à mesure. Pour finir, j'arrose abondamment pour que les racines soient bien au contact de la terre.

Et c'est tout :)

Sur ce, je vous souhaite une très beau dimanche, en espérant que vous allez bien ! Merci de votre visite,



Toutes les images sont les miennes.


It keeps the place even more beautiful and cool if there are lots of trees just like pine trees. Here in our Country, there are only few places were this kind of tree grows.

Or are you aiming to use it as a Christmas tree in a few years? I think it's a great idea and an investment in the future man haha.

 4 months ago  

Hahahaa ! No, surely not 😅

Or maybe, we will decorate it directly in the field hehe !

I love that soil, it looks perfect to that pine you planted.

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 4 months ago  

Many thanks @kiraxoy 😇 !

héhé bienvenue au p'tit nouveau ...

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 4 months ago  

Merci pour lui :D

Je suis content, on l'a trouvé dans la forêt, il n'aura pas coûté 1€ celui-ci ^^

Bonne journée à toi ✌️

Well, it was straightforward indeed
I hope the pine grows very well and also fast
Have a good day!

 4 months ago  

Many thanks @rafzat :)

I hope too that the winds will not be too strong for him !

Good new week to you ✌️

It is an excellent job, pines are trees that need to be cared for as they grow especially from heavy rains and blizzards. Congratulations.

 4 months ago  

Thank you kindly @tomaspalomo :)

You're right and we're thinking the same way... Hope the blizzards will not be to strong this winter, maybe I should have put a stick along it (?)

Good day to you ✌️

I hope the pine tree can grow well there.. and hoping to see another one in the near future♥️

 4 months ago  

I hope that too @asiaymalay :)

Thank you kindly 😇


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That's really cool. I was hoping to plant some fruit and veg last year, but spring/ summer was pretty misreble here in Ireland.

I'm going to get a few things in order for this spring and get some things growing. There is a bunch of space not being used in the back garden, so it would be nice to utilise it. Also, I've been looking into raised beds for certain things, using old pallets.

It would be a good skill to have.


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Checking up plants you've planted must be such an exciting thing! Sometimes you wish time pass faster just to seem them grow up nice and healthy :)
Unfortunately, I never planted a tree but only flowers. I guess it's a similar feeling though :D

Ahhh😫😫😫 Gardening can be so rewarding!!! That pine tree give me so nature vibes. I'm lowkey jealous of your gardening skills... Also I'm excited to see what else you've got planned for your garden.


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Oh you will be able to harvest your own pine needles in a few years. They are great medicine xxx

I feel conected with your post. The provincia where i come from is named: Pinar del Río. It is so because the firts settlement here was in the line of the rivera un with there where a Lot of trees of that species.