Cleaning up the Wood Pile...

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Cleaning up the Wood Pile... .jpg

I've been gathering all these branches and twigs and all of that sort of thing over the last few weeks into a gigantic wood pile that has been waiting for a bit of a shredding. Lots of the pruning stuff went here as well... and it has been just sitting there drying out in the sun, waiting for me to find some time to feed it through the shredder.

I did finally get some time the other week... just a day off between projects, and I figured that I may as well make a start on this eyesore!

Cleaning up the Wood Pile... .jpg

It is crazily slow work getting it through this home shredder... the last time I had a huge pile, the tree guys were dropping by and they just fed the entire pile into their huge machine... and that took about 15 minutes. With this little thing, it took about 3 hours to only get through about three quarters of the pile (there was more than what was photographed...), and then there were also many sections of dropped branches and pruned sections that were just too thick and strong for the machine to handle. So, lots of sawing to remove those bits... and add those to the green waste pile!

Cleaning up the Wood Pile... .jpg

Meanwhile, we have some really nice bottlebrush blooms happening around the garden again. This one attracts a good deal of bees and birds... and it is nice to see that it growing healthily after it was suffering a bit the year before.

Cleaning up the Wood Pile... .jpg

Meanwhile, I do have to get around to spraying some pests with white oil... and squashing some of the cocoons that I see on a nearby bush. These little eggs look a lot like polystyrene and when you squash them they explode in a mess of red... At the moment, they are confined to a single bush and I should really get on top of it before they spread.

I had sprayed them with white oil, which should help suffocate and starve them... but I think I will just physically squash as many as possible to be sure that they are dead. I will be back home again tomorrow, and it should only take me an hour at most...

Cleaning up the Wood Pile... .jpg

Meanwhile, uprooting some of the really hardy grass in the front corner. This is an area that is also suffering from passionfruit vines, and this hardy grass sends long tendrils dead under the soil and pops up within the mulched area. Getting it out involves tracing the roots to make sure that it doesn't reappear in the next month again.

Cleaning up the Wood Pile... .jpg

Something that is much nicer to do... repotting the strawberry plants into coconut meshed hanging pots. I just need to keep remembering to water them... the sun is good, but really quite strong and they do suffer a bit when they get dried out!

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 3 months ago  

Thank you for the support!

You are most welcome.
I'll keep up the good work.

 3 months ago  

Regarding the shredder machine, I inquired with my friend in the Philippines about the cost of a shredder machine for weeds. He mentioned that one costs more than $3,600, but he assured me that it is of high quality and durable. That's what he said.

 3 months ago  

Ouch... that sounds a bit too expensive? This is about 150 AUD... but the big "proper" ones will cost a lot more!

 3 months ago  

Yes, it is... To much... =(

Is this cocounut husk?


 3 months ago  

Yes, it was!

Gardening in summer is tough, few drops and rain and everything takes off, especially the weeds...

Most small shredding machines take forever to feed through, good luck watching the pile grow smaller slowly but surely !LOLZ (almost one by one)!

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Because they know how to multiply.

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 3 months ago  

Yeah... I do wish I had a larger proper shredder... but I can't really justify the cost and the noise!

Can't bomb fire it either I suppose, use the ash into the garden, noisy machinery not music to the ears ever...

 3 months ago  

No sadly, we don't have the space to bonfire it. The potash would be good for the garden.

This crazy idea of not being able to do what is necessary is frustrating, cannot leave it laying around for long either as it attracts snakes or termites.