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RE: Mushrooms, Compost, Cannabis and Promoting Hive!

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That’s really amazing! Small world. I hear the PM you all get up there is pretty knarly. One thing Dr Enzymes is something that is far more safer to use then Neem in this stage of growth. Plants look so good. Making me miss some outdoor I used to get out of Carmel Valley.


Yeah man! Good call! I recently stopped using instagram because they started limiting my ability to post by blocking the reels and video options. Before I left it two weeks ago many were talking about enzymes and mildew. To be honest most my exp is growing in full north cali sun, my fighting mildew game is not that strong cause I never really dealt with it before where a tea couldnt fix it etc. Yeah, the blights, molds and mildews is strong out here but if your plants are well pruned/de-leafed and not too far into bud than fighting it can be manageable.

I was checking the plants this morning after last nights treatment for half strength doc zymes and it looked pretty good. about 50-60% of the mildew is knock out. I love it! Such a chill way to finish off the plants anyways by cleaning off dirt, residues, frog poop, and etc!

You the man bro!

So true about the dirt! And plants normally do look happier the next day after a treatment. Again those plants are impressive, and it's fun being a spectator:)

And I'm not liking what Instagram is changing into to. Seems it wants to be a Tic Tok!

It has kind of been that way. I was kinda trying to slowly build up a network there with cannabis growers but yeah not really the place to do that. Plus you know what we got Hive. They can keep their corporate platform. Ironically, I am finding people to network with on facebook via their groups. 🤣

Thanks for your relentless support and love!

I’ll be getting with you soon about the radio show. I just swamped at the moment with the baby on the way. I know forsure I cannot commit to that yet. But soon bro! I ain’t going no where:)